8-22-18 Wednesday

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Guess who’s going today for their spays and neuters?

“Not ME. I’m smart enough, I don’t need to be tutored!”

(That joke will never get old.)

“But… I don’t wanna!” Sorry, Buxton, you’ll hardly know anything happened, I promise. By tonight you’ll be racing around like your tail’s on fire.

Eliot’s all “Be strong, bro, I’ve got you!”

Millie gets an ear rub while Arundel snoopervises.

Millie’s such a sweet little muffin.

Eliot’s serious little face kills me dead.

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.”

Sleepy little Dexter.

“Always somebody’s foot in my face, but that’s okay. I’ll just sleep like this.”

Oh, that little OtisMallow. I could just squeeze him all day long.

KennyBorkBork Moopleton III has a think, while Eliot has a photobomb (she is just the NOSIEST.)

“Lady, I’m serious now. I think I should stay here while you take the others off to get their tutoring. I wouldn’t want you to be lonely.”

That right there is a lap full o’ cute.

Calais from above.

So yes, the kittens are off for their spays and neuters (and testing, and all that good stuff) today. I expect things to go just fine, and that they’ll be back here, a little confused and a little dopey, by mid-afternoon.

Which is to say that if you have fallen in love with one of these kittens and are seriously interested in adopting one (or more), now’s the time to speak up! You can email info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling.


The calendar tells me that today is the day to share Stefan pictures, because he was still with us when I assigned each weekday in August to a permanent resident.

I looked through my “to be shared” folder and found several Stefan pictures tucked away. These are the last of the pictures I have involving that sweet boy – and they’re from March, when he was still bright-eyed and feeling good.

Newt (front), Stefan (back) and Khal have a very important kitteh meeting.

Jake in the catnip pot with the Sheriff looking on, Stefan behind them rolling around and yawning, and Frankie and Newt on the stone wall.

The 3 ornj boys – Newt watching Stefan, who is poised to jump at Frankie, who’s staring up at the tree for reasons known only to him.

Apparently Stefan decided to leap at Newt instead.

Stefan over to the left, and Newt in mid-motion.

Stefan using the tree as a scratching post, while Khal moves on. (That tree is the one we had removed a few months ago because it was falling apart.)


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8-22-18 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful boy, and such a happy soul. I especially love the pouncing and thinking-about-pouncing pictures.

  2. Stefan, we all miss you, doll…

    Have the kittens joined you for nap time? Moopers looks like he was just given “the Talk” by Eliot, and understands now why he needs to be tutored.

  3. It’s so nice to see Stefan healthy and happy back in March. I’m so glad he found you. You gave him such a wonderful life: all of those comfy places to sleep, kittens to play with, and rodents and snakes to share. I’m so sorry he left so soon.

    Hugs to the kittens on their tutoring day! I’m sure they’ll all get an A+ on their report cards with all the extra effort you’ve put in.

  4. Those babies are growing up too fast…!!

    Stefan… 🙁 Great pictures of that boy ❤ (and the rest of ’em too)

  5. Love all the Stefan pictures…especially the action ones. Did you notice that in the “Jake in the catnip pot” pic that they are grouped by color? Kara and Jake are in the gray theme…

  6. Wait wait WAIT just a moment here! Am I very late to the party or has nobody noticed how Eliot carries the silhouette of a much smaller all-grey kitten on her flank? (Well, either that or a T Rex.) It’s an uncanny optical illusion!

    Moop’s Deep Thoughts made me awww until I spotted Eliot’s crayzee eyes and snorted with laughter.