8-22-17 Tuesday

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It’s been a month since Roux and Praline went home, and we have an update!

Catherine says:

We wanted to send you an update on Praline and Roux. They have grown longer, slightly more mischievous, and much more comfortable with the daily rhythms of the household. They are, however, just as sweet as the day they arrived. They still love to play, with us and each other, and often share their tremendous purrs in our laps. I’ve included a couple of pictures from the month so you could see how much they’ve grown.

Here is Praline spying on the new neighbors (some habits never change!)

Here is the favorite nap spot by our large picture window.

Praline taking a bath while the boys are taking theirs.

And Roux in her “purr box” waiting for bedtime stories.

Thank you again for caring for them in their early days and entrusting them to us- we have so enjoyed having these sweet girls join our family.

Thank you so much for the wonderful update, Catherine, and allowing me to share. I sure did love having those girls here with us, and love seeing them so happy!

(And if you’ve missed this news in the past, you can follow Roux and Praline’s brother and sister Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (formerly Beignet) on their Facebook page!)


I think it’s safe to say that Chip loves himself some Uncle Dewey.

“Unca Dewey is awesome!”

“I luff him.”

Gaston loves to sleep with one paw on his cheek and every time he does it, I can’t help but kiss him.


Mercury is just so gorgeous I can’t stand it.

Gorgeous AND she knows it.

Phoenix with bedhead and some attitude.

“Hmm… well, what’s out there?”

She got two paws on the floor and then rethought her plan when she realized Mama was watching.

Stardust is all “I sees you, lady.”

Stardust at the milk bar.

You can’t tell from this picture, but Hubble is hissing at me.

“Hmph, lady, can’t even look at you.”

Those alert little faces!

“Hubble, stop sniffin’ my toeses, that tickles!”


Video! Mercury’s kittens are 12 days old and utterly adorable. First section: Telstar at the milk bar, while his siblings flail about in the background. Second section: kittens flailing around and being cute as can be.

YouTube link


Joe Bob, thinking about giving Fred the Love Eyes.


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8-22-17 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Catherine, thank you so much for the update! The girls look wonderful and wonderfully happy!

    Chip is a Dewey mini-me! They make a cute set. Nearby (me) is a white horse and a white miniature pony. It makes me smile every time I see them.

    I read “You can’t tell from this picture, but Hubble is kissing me.” (Hey, it is early.) And I thought….”No he isn’t! Robyn is too far away” LOL but read it again and thought, “Awwww, how cute!”

  2. Would you look at the fierce claws on Miss Phoenix as she takes one small step for Phoenix, one giant leap for kittenkind?

  3. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing smug and happy kittens in their new homes. Love how they have baths with the boys and have designated purring boxes for story-time!

  4. Thanks for the update Catherine! I think of this new group, Phoenix will be the troublemaker-and my favorite (hee-hee).

  5. I love Phoenix’s markings, she has a quote mark over one eye and a part in her hair! The quote is only over one eye, so only half of what she tells on her siblings is true, right?
    And Hubble with the dot on his nose! That’s so he can keep his optics pointed correctly? 😉
    Mercury is beautiful, and her eye make up is perfectly matched!

    Love the updates! Those two are so cute!

  6. It is so fun to see Mercury and her babies! Thank you for documenting everything on your amazing blog! I am the one who initially went to pick up these kitties when they needed rescue. Mercury was then known as “Lily”. I have her daughter (“Flower”) from a prior litter at my house. She also wears perfect eyeliner! I would love to meet the kittens and see Mercury sometime soon!