8-21-17 Monday

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In case you missed it, I walked into the foster room Friday morning to find this.

Overnight, Mercury had moved all five of her kittens to this spot. I know when I’m beat, so I left them there.

I did flip the beds (there are two of them) over so that I could see the kittens better. On the dark bed, they were camouflaged. I also added a blanket between the bed and the wall just in case someone went wandering, and rolled up a blanket to make a barrier to contain them.

Telstar with his tongue sticking out. I love it when they do this!

Mercury is a big fan of this scratcher.

Phoenix with her tongue sticking out. Did I mention I love it when they do this?

Telstar and Stardust, snuggling.

Telstar’s quite the handful these days.

Aurora, too. Look at that big pink belly!


“I sees you, lady.” (Phoenix)


Video! Phoenix at 11 days old (and her mama and siblings at the end).

YouTube link


Went to the kitten store, stocked up on kittens.


Boy, it’s good that Gaston and Chip have been adopted, because I sure do love these boys. I’ll miss ’em when they’ve gone home later this week, but Alice and Archie and Kara certainly won’t!


Sheriff Mama (Kara) would like those boys to go home NOW, if y’don’t mind.


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8-21-17 Monday — 18 Comments

    • We have no idea how much all that marshmallow fluff really weighs. It’s a big job for a wee kitten, carrying all that around.

  1. I just noticed that sweet little Phoenix has a Tabby tattoo sleeve just like her Mama.

  2. I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday than to look at these babies over and over again. And that little dumpling at the end of the video, climbing all over Mama’s head? It doesn’t get any better, my day is complete.

  3. I’m not sure what’s in the air where you are but I’m pretty sure your kittens grow faster than anywhere else! They *can’t* be that big and all fully open eyes already!

  4. I will miss Chip. Can you get weekly updates as part of their adoption. Who’s the baby. That kitten kills me !

  5. Love how mama cat looks like she has eye liner on those gorgeous eyes. Loving the kitty pictures.

  6. At least Mercury moved her babies to a bed, and not to the bare floor….

    I can’t believe that Miss Potts and Belle haven’t been adopted!!!