8-23-17 Wednesday

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You guys, Andrea is having an insta-auction to benefit Winnie’s Wishgo, bid, get some cool stuff, and help out a very worthy cause!

I can tell you from personal experience that the crocheted round cat beds are AWESOME. I’ve got one on the table right now and someone’s nearly always sitting in it. Go get you one!


Chip is weirdly obsessed with the strainer in the utility sink. He’s forever going into the sink, grabbing it, and running off to play with it. I’ve found it all over the house.

Silly boy.

“I love my Unca Dewey.”


Here’s video proof that both those boys think their Uncle Dewey is the Bee’s Knees.

YouTube link


Mercury’s Missions are two weeks old today! Here are their comparison pictures.

Aurora – 5 hours old, 1 week old & 2 weeks old.

Hubble – 5 hours old, 1 week old & 2 weeks old.

Phoenix – 5 hours old, 1 week old & 2 weeks old.

Stardust – 5 hours old, 1 week old & 2 weeks old.

Telstar – 5 hours old, 1 week old & 2 weeks old.

And here’s a picture of each kitten in his or her natural environment. Not POSING, but at least not dangling from my hand.



Stardust. (Okay, she might be posing a bit!)



Mercury and her two week old kittens.

More alert every day! (Left to right: Hubble, Telstar, Phoenix)

Phoenix returning to the nest. She and Stardust have now briefly escaped the nest – AND got back in on their own. Pretty good for such little ones, I’d say.

Telstar and his Mama.


Video! Two week old wiggle-muffins.

YouTube link


It’s a Jake in the sun, getting his loon on.


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8-23-17 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. It is a good thing those two boys already have a home or you might have had to keep them just for Dewey!

  2. Uncle Dewey is certainly being tolerant, even as he’s being loved right off of the kitty bed on top of the washer!

    The looks on their wee little faces! It’s that perpetual everything-is-so-cool fascinated look.

  3. Those kittens are pretty advanced on the “That’s right, I AM a heartbreaker” front, not surprising in view of Mercury’s beauty. Im glad Dewey has a job, even if it’s temporary, and equally glad Jake doesn’t!

  4. Looks like Unca Dewey might have to visit the boys’ new home for some “play dates.”

  5. Thank you for posting about the auction!!! I’m glad your kitties like the crocheted beds because I love making them! Win win!

    Oh my gosh, Dewey and his little dudes! That video is awesome!

    Stardust: “OK, look at the camera, sultry eyes o’ lurv, aaaand… head tilt, go!”

    Jake! Love Jake! Would steal Jake in a second! Would love to smooch Jake all upside down and loon-a-licious! Please, give him a big ol’ smooch for me! (seriously, would abscond with him in a heartbeat!) 😀