8-24-17 Thursday

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Oh, that little tongue.

That’s quite the yawn from Hubble (and more tiny tongue from Phoenix. That’s Stardust in the middle.)

I finally poked the end of her tongue so she’d thlurrrp it back into her mouth. I didn’t want it to dry up!

You have to look closely to see it, but Hubble’s got a bit of tongue poking out.

Telstar and his teeny tongue. (Are we sensing a theme for today’s post?)

Aurora’s tummy and toes.

More of Hubble’s tongue. He’s all “Whuh?”

Bath time for Phoenix.

Look at all those big round tummies!

Hubble’s face (and that belly!) cracks me up.

“What doin’, weird lady?” More of Hubble and the tip of his tongue.

And Telstar and his tongue.


Video! Hubble, waving his tiny legs around. Phoenix snoopervising. Telstar (I think) coming up from the left. Just too darn cute!

YouTube link


The boys hanging out in Fred’s room. I don’t know what caught their attention, but it must have been something good!

That SMILE on Gaston’s face!

Those boys have some serious ears.

Fightin’ brudders – note that Uncle Dewey is staying out of the fray!

Chip and Gaston are going home this afternoon. It’s been fun – and crazy – having them here. We’ll miss them, but I know that the permanent residents will be glad to have their usual sedate lifestyle back. We’ve had to keep the back door closed since the boys started sniffing around the cat door, and nothing makes Jake and Alice more nervous than not being able to go outside when they want to.


“I likes going out to stroll around the back yard and glare at Jake, lady. Don’t mess with my routine!”

YouTube link


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8-24-17 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. Robyn,

    Hey, Bev Dez here. Would you be willing to let us do an article about you, and of course these babies? I LOVE your blog, and if more PR could help, I would love to interview you and (most importantly) spread the word about these beautiful baby kittens you care for so beautifully.

    Think on it, ok? If you decide you’d like to participate, please email me. bevdez@knology.net or call/text me at 256-348-8741.

    Every time I view your blog, it brings a smile to my face! Would like to share more smiles with the community. I think what you do is fantastic.

  2. Chip and Gaston’s family are going to be so very happy — you’ve raised a great pair of handsome fellows! (And Alice and Jake are going to be equally happy.) Also, is Hubble not the Dude?

  3. Looks like Hubble has some nose freckles! And a hidden tabby belly spot! Oh the cuteness. Can’t wait to see what he (and the other kittens) look like as they grow up!

  4. Those little tongues! How, dear kittens, do you forget to put your tongues away? Do they not fit in your mouths? Perhaps they are like blinds, you have to tug them a bit before they go rolling up, flapflapflap, all neat inside?

    Well no wonder Jake was so especially loonified yesterday and Alice so grumpy today! Them darn kits, always wantin’ to get in the yard! Well, tell them Jake and Alice, tell them “Stay offa my lawn you whippersnappers!”
    Seriously though, good luck in the new home sweeties!!

  5. Oh for the love of… I’m dead and in a happy place with fluffy kittens with their tongues stuck out.