8-24-18 Friday

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What you need is a feather teaser with small camera incorporated.

TAKE. MY. MONEY. I would 100% support that on Kickstarter, and someone needs to go invent it RIGHT NOW.


Khal had a LOT of pictures on Cats Beavers and Ducks on Aug 17th. Also, the kittens made it there on Aug 18th!

Awww, HOW did I miss the Khal pictures?! He’s come a long way, baby.


Do you find the two tortie gals are more vocal? The tortie’s I’ve had were always big talkers!

Actually, no – this is a pretty quiet bunch, and I don’t think I’ve even heard Millinocket’s voice. Calais will very occasionally talk to me, but I’ve been unable to get her voice (which is very distinctive) on video.


Does anyone have any recommendations for a brush/comb for floofy kitties? My boy has LONG hair and its matting like crazy. He won’t tolerate a brush, and hardly tolerates combs for more than 10 min, which is not long enough for a good grooming session.

Debra said: I have one that has a blade in the teeth, it looks like a rake, and that seems to work on our long haired Molly who can’t take much of anything that involves handling. Every once in a while she gets knots …I think from static electricity… and that rake really helps.

GD said: I actually used one of those square-headed wire brushes on my Maine Coon (she was a giant poofball). I use it on my Ragdoll mix also. It works great and also helps detangle mats. Of course, don’t push hard and push it into their skin.

Fred (who is in charge of brushing the cats while we watch TV in the evening) tells me that he usually uses the Furminator long hair deshedding brush for Khal.


Please please please tell me where you got the coveted yellow toy! My boys would ADORE that!!

I got it off Coupaw*, actually, as part of a set of toys. Coupaw doesn’t have the set any more, but this is the set right here**. If you’re interested in getting just the raffia ball, you can search on Amazon for “raffia ball cat toy” (here’s a set of 4), and they have bags of them. I also can’t guarantee it, but I *think* I’ve seen bags of the raffia balls at Petsmart, so that might be worth a check!

*That Coupaw link is an affiliate link. If you click on it and buy something from Coupaw (and haven’t bought anything from there before), I get $10 in “Coupaw bucks,” which I will eventually use to buy something that Coupaw is offering (in other words, benefits the fosters or permanent residents). Just FYI.

**That Amazon link (both of those Amazon links) are affiliate links. If you click on either of them and then buy something from Amazon, we get a small percentage of what you spent. And yes, you guessed it – it benefits the fosters or the permanent residents, because 99.9% of what I buy these days is for the cats. (Not that that’s any different from the last 10+ years, of course.)


Moop hasn’t hit the lanky kitten stage, or maybe he’ll always be a round little ball of Moopy Moop. I wonder (and you may have already mentioned this) if he was the runt of his litter?

I had to look back at the kitten weight chart. He’s siblings with Millinocket and Dexter, and he’s always been the smallest of the three, even now (though now he’s only smaller than Millinocket by 3 ounces or so). He is actually starting to get BIG feet, but his legs aren’t really getting all that long. Maybe he’s just going to be this round ball of floof with big feet, big eyes, and big ears!


Wait wait WAIT just a moment here! Am I very late to the party or has nobody noticed how Eliot carries the silhouette of a much smaller all-grey kitten on her flank? (Well, either that or a T Rex.) It’s an uncanny optical illusion!

I have to admit that I haven’t noticed that, but Fred said he’d noticed it (he sees the silhouette of an all-gray kitten; I can see the T. Rex). I haven’t shared many pictures of Eliot’s left side before now; I’ll see if I can get a good picture of it to post next week.


Have the kittens joined you for nap time? Moopers looks like he was just given “the Talk” by Eliot, and understands now why he needs to be tutored.

Yep, the kittens now get the run of the upstairs during the day. I think I let them out for the first time on Sunday, and they’ve been out during the day ever since. They are having a BLAST, and most of them join me for nap time. I let them out between 7 and 8 am, and then put them back in their room around 8 pm. I’m sure they’d prefer to have the run of the upstairs 24/7, but I can’t imagine trying to sleep during THAT insanity.


Let’s try this again, shall we? Okay, you guys, get into position!

Hmm. I only count 7… (Otis with his slappin’ paw out is cracking me up.)

And now only 4. But that’s a GOOD picture of those 4, isn’t it?

Three and a half… The number seems to be going down instead of up.

Moop’s all “You doin’ it wrong, lady.”

7… (Missing are Buxton and Eliot.)


Finally! I’ve been wanting to get these three in a picture together. (Left to right: Calais, Arundel, Millinocket.)

“Is we almost done, lady? This is boring!”

“I’m the only good kitten of this bunch, lady.”


Dewey on the outside, looking in.


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8-24-18 Friday — 11 Comments

  1. For the person with the floofy kitty:

    For many years my long haired torbie girl wouldn’t tolerate brushing or shaving so she’d need to be sedated by a groomer which I was never comfortable with. As she got older I didn’t want to sedate her anymore so I spoke to my vet and we’d work together (sometimes with his assistant) to get her mats shaved off without sedating her. It was a struggle at first and it wasn’t a pretty result but it did the job.

    It got a lot easier with time (either because he and I had a system and got it done faster or because she was getting used to it) and eventually she started to let me comb/brush and even use scissors to trim areas at home….but she was in her twenties when that finally happened so maybe it was just old age that made her give up her wild, feisty ways. (She also became a huge snugglebug when she got older.)

    I think you should just keep at it bit-by-bit so kitty knows it’s going to be part of the routine and eventually those 10min will turn into 30min and you’ll be able to get more done. Building trust with a cat takes a long time but it’s so worth it.

    Good luck!

  2. You finally got my three in one picture! I’ll just email you my Fedex account number and you can box those girls up and send them to me. Connie’s going to have to Fedex me S’more too, and I’ll have a set of four!

    • As I said, if not word for word, on twitter: *sneaks over, snatches Millie the little tortie of sweet snuggliness… and maybe Dexter the sleepy orange boy, and vanishes back to Wisconsin* XD I’m going to have to get in line, I see!

      Catonsville Cats, I have a confession to make. Well, two. The first is that I’m still reading your blog, although the pesky thing doesn’t let me comment; I suspect that’s a screenreader interface issue. Boo. The second is that, even years later, I regret not being able to fly out to Maryland and adopt Dion. Not just because I contributed to her name, either! If the situation had allowed it and I’d gotten the rescue organization’s approval, I would have happily brought her home, and I don’t say that lightly. Really hoping this doesn’t sound creepily weird! She just enchanted me. Any idea where she landed, in the end? Hopefully in a forever home with a few forever laps and an equally calm kitty or two to chill with. 🙂

  3. It’s the Tommy meets the House Stark kittens post from 2013! I love love love that post…

  4. I love the Jake Mind Meld from 2014, and Kara’s “I hate that guy.”

    (Missing the Stefan.)

  5. My favorite part of those kitten pictures is Moop sitting on the pink crate looking like he was just petted backwards with a sheepskin glove and is now having the worst static attack in the history of kittenkind.

    Dustcloud with eyes. I tell you.

  6. For the person looking for a way to brush her cat – my cat hated every brush and comb I bought. I finally got a cheap, plastic “people” comb and she tolerates it.