8-10-22 Wednesday

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Saul and Francesca snuggle up and sleep.

Francesca wonders if she dares take that first step (she decided not to.)

A full milk bar (and a sleeping Lalo.)

Saul at the milk bar, up close.

Mike goes for a wander.

And Kim says “Not so fast, little one. Get back to the milk bar.”

Sleepy pile o’ cute.

Another weigh-in for Mike. (He’s gaining, slowly but surely.)

Lalo LOVES to roll around with his feets in the air.

The original 5 kittens (ie, everyone but Mike) are 2 weeks old today! (Mike is 10 days old.) They’re getting brighter-eyed, more vocal and more curious every day. It won’t be SO very long ’til they’re interested in escaping the crate!


An old shot of Dewey, so y’all don’t forget what a good-looking boy he is! (For the newer readers: Dewey strongly dislikes having his picture taken, and so I’m respecting his wishes.)


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Mike and Lalo at the milk bar; everyone else is sleeping in the back of the crate. (Lalo is not the biggest kitten – that’s Gus – but I love seeing the size difference between Mike and any of the other kittens.)

Former fosters Amber (front; formerly Ambercup, our foster in 2015) and Phoenix (back; our foster in 2017) say hellooooo, innernets! (Fun fact: Phoenix is 5 years old today! Happy birthday, sweet girl! ❤️)

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Look at the bright eyes on Saul! The kittens are 2 weeks old tomorrow (except for Mike of course, who just turned 1 week old on Sunday) and over the next week they’ll figure out how to focus those eyes (though I feel like Saul is doing a pretty good job of it), and will start approaching and looking out the door at the front of the crate.

Kitten pie? My FAVORITE!

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Kittens waking up after a long nap… and who’s who!

Lalo through Mama’s whiskers. ❤️

Good night innernets. (Lalo and Nacho)


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