8-10-16 Wednesday

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I had one of those collapsible cubes stashed somewhere – stashed so well that I forgot I even had it – and the kittens somehow found it and pulled it out into the closet. So I opened it up for them, and they collapsed it in no time flat.

Spruce streeeeetches.

Spruce has some Deep Thoughts.

Pretty, pretty Cypress.

Pretty, pretty Privet. For some reason, I keep wanting to call her “Willow,” and I don’t know why. It’s just a really pretty name and seems to fit her somehow.

Hemlock and Privet like to bunny-kick each other in the head.

Collapse the cube and then hang out in it? Of COURSE.

Hemlock gets his daily massage.


Sweet, snuggly Hemlock.

Cypress is earnestly explaining the rules of how to properly play with the packing strap. And Privet is all “Y’don’t say. Fascinating. I think someone’s calling for me.”

Juniper, Cypress and Spruce came through their spay and neuters just fine (as I expected). Juniper was still a little drunk when they got home, but she snoozed the evening away, and by bedtime she was a little more alert and willing to eat a little.

Cypress and Spruce are headed to Petsmart tomorrow evening, so I’ll be spending today and tomorrow giving them extra love and instructing them on how to properly charm potential adopters. I hope they’re adopted super quick so I don’t have to worry about them!

Privet and Hemlock are scheduled for their spay and neuter on the 23rd, so the clock is ticking on this whole litter. BEST KITTENS EVER.

Tomorrow’s post will be all about Spruce and Cypress, and have pictures of just those two, in hopes of making someone fall in love with them and run to Petsmart to snatch them up!


Joe Bob is, I swear, the SWEETEST boy ever. I swear he always looks like he’s smiling.


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8-10-16 Wednesday — 20 Comments

  1. I haven’t seen a post on Fred’s page with his names for this litter. Just saying…

  2. Hey Robyn, quick heads-up on those collapsible cubes. I had one and had a kitten LOVELOVELOVE it — she’d dive into it and roll like a tumbleweed across the floor (funniest thing EVER). Unfortunately, they don’t stand up to that kind of abuse well and will fray into little strings. When it starts doing that, take it away. I didn’t and ended up with a kitten with a strangled foot that I had to rush to the emergency vet to cut her free. Not a fun come home from work.

    Cuties! Do love house panthers.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I do check the cube pretty regularly and so far it’s not fraying – the bigger problem is that they’ve collapsed it so much that now it won’t pop up and stay popped up! 🙂

  3. I love the house panthers! My gray foster got adopted, and I have two solid black kittens and a tuxedo left. These boys are so goofy and lovable. They seek cuddles (one is in my lap right now, purring). As I told someone at an adoption event last week, I think the black cats know they have to try a little harder. Or maybe they’re just awesome from the start.

    • Kathie always says that the black ones are just a bit more wonderful because they know they have to try harder. 🙂

  4. How would you describe Joe Bob? I’ve got a little girl here that is the same grey & white as he. Dilute tuxie maybe?

  5. My opinion is that if you keep wanting to call a cat something, it’s the cat telling you their name. So she’s Willow. That’s how I named my Toby. I had several names picked out that paired with a girl name, because he came with a sister, and she was happy to be Bonnie but he would NOT be Clyde. After a couple of names bounced off him, he finally took the time to tell me his name was Toby.