8-11-16 Thursday

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Just a reminder – the Etsy store RileysStar Jewelry (which has some utterly adorable pendants!) is giving Challenger’s House 20% of their sales through August 13th. Go check it out, buy, and make sure you note “Challenger’s House” in the notes to seller during checkout.

I may have ordered this pendant right here – how cute is that??

Go shop, and tell ’em Challenger’s House sent you!


Spruce and Cypress are headed off to Petsmart this evening, so today you get an all-Spruce and Cypress post! You’ll see more pictures of them in tomorrow’s post (I’ll be taking pictures of them while I hang out and snuggle them today), of course.

Cypress loves to hang out on the curve of this scratcher.

Spruce is a big BIG fan of the Bergan Turbo Track. All you have to do to get him flying across the room with the crazy eyes is to push the ball so it goes along the track.

Cypress gives Privet a sniff. Privet allows it.

Spruce is all ::thlurrrp::

Cypress is all ::thlurrrp::

“Hey, lady. GIMME that camera, I gots to take a selfie!” (Spruce)

Cypress is the quiet observer of this litter. He sits back, he mulls it over, then – if the situation calls for it – he acts.

Spruce tends to act first and think later, but it works out pretty well for him!

“I sees you, ceiling fan. Just know that I sees you.” (Cypress)

Spruce sees the ceiling fan, too. I’m starting to think I need to start an official Ceiling Fan fan club for these guys.

::smooch:: Awww, brudderly love.

“We are NOT sitting here making plans to do things we shouldn’t, lady, and I resent the implication.” (Cypress left, Spruce right.)

I was trying so very hard to get a good picture of these two together, posing nicely. They had other plans.

Goobers. (Cypress left, Spruce right.)

Sweet boys (Spruce left, Cypress right.)

A shot of the whole cobbled-together litter. For those who have been asking, here are Fred’s names for them – their official name, and then Fred’s. Starting from the left:
Privet (Floomp) (I think Willow would be the perfect name for her)
Juniper in the front, with the pink collar (Pink)
Hemlock (Charlie Butters) (I think he looks more like a Ricky)
Cypress in the green collar (Green)
Spruce, with the white locket (No-Collar) (I think he looks like a Spike)


Jake vants to be alone.


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8-11-16 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. I was wondering. Could I send you our green track to pass along to Spruce’s people? My kities don’t play with ours and I’d love to pass it along to a kitty that would play with it. If it’s not possible to give it to Spruce, would you have use for it or know someone who does?
    I was going to order from that Etsy shop yesterday but didn’t know if they were still donating to Challenger’s House. I’ll place my order today!

  2. Aw, little Evergreens! I know you’ll get snapped up in no time by your forever families.

    The picture where one of the boys is prairie-dogging while the other is nicely laying next to him with the feather-teaser in the shot reminds me of a “derpy-derp let’s make fun of humans” shot, lol!

  3. So am I the only one amused that Fred, who came up with “Tony Rocky Horror Pickle” also picks “pink”, “green”, and “no-collar”? I wonder what the kitten criteria is for one of his better names…..Although “Charlie Butters” isn’t bad.