8-11-10 – Maddy, then and now

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This is Maddy:

She was my very first bottle baby, way back in 2006. Nance fell in love with her over the internet, and she and Rick drove down to Alabama – the first time we met in person after years of internet friendship! – and brought her home.

This is one of my very favorite foster pics I’ve ever taken:

When Maddy was still with me, she loved to sleep on the printer next to my desk. Someone asked “What does she do when you need to print something?” I didn’t know, so I found out:

YouTube link

(No Maddys were harmed in the making of that movie. Her pride was a little bruised and she stayed away from the printer from then on, but she was fine.)

At four years old, Maddy has grown up to be gorgeous, if a little antisocial. I managed to get one single picture of her.

Next time I visit, I’m bringing the GOOD camera with me, and I WILL get a million good pictures of her gorgeous face.


I’m on my way home today. Fingers crossed that all my flights go well and I don’t have to spend the night in Charlotte!


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8-11-10 – Maddy, then and now — 9 Comments

  1. Oh Maddy is such a cutie! And oh that video is hilarious – our cats love to sleep on the printer too – lucky for them the paper comes out the front (and is also apparently the most fascinating thing EVER to Virgil who comes running in to watch every time we print).

    And Maddy grew up to be a gorgeous girl – that is a great picture of her so I can’t wait to see her when you have the good camera next time!

  2. Maddy is beautiful! That video really made me laugh. My grumpy grey, Oscar, sleeps on my printer. He’s a LOT bigger than little Maddy was, but I’ve freaked him out a few times by printing when he wasn’t expecting it. (I can’t see the printer from my desk, so I don’t know he’s there when I hit print.) He still sleeps there however.

  3. antisocial to you cause you ran her off her printer!!!

    aww, i always wondered who that cutie in the crown was. 😀

  4. Oh that video totally cracked me up, especially the ending when poor Maddy fell off…sorry Maddy…I’m not laughing at you…oh okay, I am (just a bit) but you were so itty bitty and cute!

  5. Aww it’s so good to see one of your sweet fosters all grown up from cute itty bitty kitty to slinky gorgeous beauty! Lovely!

    I have everything crossed that your flight will all go ok!

    take care

  6. Maddy in the crown had me wondering who she was, too. And she sure grew up pretty! And you didn’t leave any Bookworms behind, did you? They did help you pack, afterall…Happy flying.

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  8. I agree with Angie.. don’t they say cats are like women? they remember everything you done to them :p