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None of my fosters were adopted over the weekend but Tomato – the calico who was returned to Challenger’s House back in March – was adopted, so that’s good! (You can see pictures of her in this post and this post and this one.) I think adoptions might really be picking up, and I am crossing all my fingers and toes that it is so.


Finally – the very last of the Cheez Doodles’ pics! (I thought I’d already shared them all, but found these on the memory stick in the camera.)

Gilbert, taunting Jake. (From this angle, it looks like Gilbert was as big as Jake, but he was probably about half Jake’s size.)

Smackdown from Uncle Loony. (Note: no Gilberts were harmed in the course of these pictures. Jake never actually made contact with Gilbert’s head. He just threatened to.)

Watching for the laser light together.

Sweet, gorgeous, wonderful (not-yet-adopted) Blaster, in the sun.

Grant, checking out the chimney. We had a piece of styrofoam blocking off that opening, but it wasn’t quite the right size, and a piece of bird’s nest fell down the chimney and knocked it out of place. (Back when we bought the house, we had a cap put on the chimney to stop the stupid, stupid, STUPID swallows from nesting in the chimney, but a strong wind blew it off, and the people who did it apparently immediately went out of business and we haven’t gotten anyone else to come out here and fix it, and grrr.)

Gilbert, keeping an eye on his tail. You never know what that thing’s going to do!

Marshall in motion.


I’ve been really lax about posting pictures of Angelo and Orlando, I know. I can tell you that Orlando has been strutting around the upstairs with his tail up so high that it about touches the top of his head. He and Angelo had a hissy few days, but then seemed to remember each other. It’s been pretty calm upstairs, except when those two boys start playing. They’ve knocked over their water about 20 times, so I think I need to figure out a better place to put their water bowl.

They’ll be headed back to Petsmart pretty soon – possibly as early as this week.

Angelo, keeping a wary eye on me.

“I sees you, lady.”

Orlando. Those ears, that chin strap, those striped whiskers: fabulous!


I think I caught Maxi just as she was going to wish on that dandelion.


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8-11-14 — 14 Comments

  1. Just because I saw the caption a few days ago and melted
    but couldn’t see the associated picture (not an issue with your pics, it’s my eyes that don’t work), I have to ask. Who is the Cheese Doodle that arches up to meet the hand that pets him and has a loud purr? I know you described one of them that way, and it made me want to zoom down to Alabama and steal him. 🙂

    As for this post, nothing like a confident kitty tail. 😀 Also nothing like an adopted calico, yay!

  2. I am so happy for Tomato! She is such a beautiful tortie girl. May this be her forever loving home!!!

  3. So happy to hear about Tomato. she’s such a sweet girl and deserves a forever home.

    Uncle Jake is a softie. Not surprised he doesn’t put the smackdown, well, down.

  4. Wow Blaster certainly has gorgeous eyes. Hope he and the others find their furever homes soon.

    Came across this post with pics of some really near cat furniture that I thought I’d share.

  5. Great to hear about more adoptions! I also noticed that you have just 2 kitties in residence, and you said they’ll be going back to Petsmart soon anyway. Could this be a portent of an incoming litter or pregnant mama? Oh, the anticipation is killing me!

    Here’s hoping all the kitties at Petsmart find forever homes quick!

    • I imagine at some point it’ll be Tricki or Livia’s turn for a break. I don’t get it, they’re both so beautiful and loving.