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Last night, this happened:

Not only were they adopted, they were adopted together! With school back in session as of earlier this week, maybe this means that adoptions are picking up. Fingers crossed!


Connie’s post about using someone else’s pictures is a good one.


No Q&A post this week, because I’ve had a kinda busy week. I’ll either do it on Monday or (more likely) save ’em for next Friday’s post!

See how nicely Gilbert fits in that box? Throw in a few toys, seal up the box, he’s good to go! (He’d probably chew his way out before he reached his destination, though.)

That is a washstand that belonged to Fred’s grandmother. I’m not sure how pleased she’d be to know that we store old towels in the bottom, and very often the cats figure out how to open the cabinet so they can go in there and hang out. We COULD probably tie the doors closed, but it makes them so HAPPY. And they aren’t hurting anything.

They love to balance on the foot of my bed. (I might have been waving a teaser around to get their attention.)

“Bring that toy CLOSER, lady!”

Sweet Gilbert.

“I gives you the stink eye, lady.”

Leapin’ Marshall does his thing.

I got that teaser toy at the cat show – from Wicked Tease Toys – and they LOVE it.

Gilbert loves his giant mylar ball.

I love the sunshine shining through Grant’s giant ears.


When he’s not shooting me dirty looks from his bed atop the table, Newt likes to hang out by the side door and look expectantly at me. I open the door, and he looks at me like I’m an idiot. “I didn’t want to go out THERE, stupid lady,” he says. And then he saunters off, snickering under his breath. BRAT.


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8-8-14 — 16 Comments

  1. YAY for Grant and Gilbert!!! 🙂

    I think the kitties should be able to play in the washstand. And I bet, that if his grandmother saw it, she would think it was the best use for it!!! How could she not??? 😉

    • Totally agree. I imagine Grandma would wonder why she did not think of it when she had the washstand. In our department here at Anonoymous Pharma company, there have been 3 adoptions of critters since June. We adopted Hamilton The Large and Getting Larger, Carl the 12 year old shelter kitty was adopted by a family who have now rescued 2 critters in the last year , and Miner the black lab rescue from a coal mining part of Illinois. Good times.

  2. Aw, wonderful news, adopted together, too!
    Keeping fingers crossed for more good news, too. Have a nice weekend!

  3. I’m soooo happy that Gilbert and Grant were adopted together! I always thought they’d make a great pair–buff tabby boy and buff tiger boy. I’m sure they will morph from a cute pair to handsome pair in no time.

  4. YAY for adoptions!!! and together too!! woohooo…..

    what else would you use a wash stand for – towels and kittens 🙂 duh

    that teaser is AWESOME!

  5. So glad to hear about the double adoption! I’m sure they’ll love tussling with each other in their forever home.

    And Newtles. Silly, indecisive Newt. Fish or cut bait, buddy!

  6. Oh, sweet Gilbert! Congratulations on finding your forever home, and with brother Grant too! Have great, happy lives together! Kisses and hopes that you’ll have a green mylar ball wherever you go.

  7. Newt is looking for the door into summer…or maybe winter.

    Soo glad that Grant and Gilbert were adopted and together. May they live long and happy lives in their furever home.

  8. Wow, I’m so glad those two brothers were adopted together. I hope that they and their forever family are happy.

  9. Wonderful news about Gilbert and Grant. What a lucky family to adopt these two precious boys! Have fun, guys, and don’t forget to write now and again!

  10. The cupboard at the bottom of a wash stand often held that OTHER part of an old style ‘en suite’ from before plumbing, over here we call it a Po, a Gazunder (it goes under the bed!) or a chamber pot we both could say potty. So cats and clean towels is nothing!!

  11. Hooray for the boys and their new family — and may this weekend be jam-packed with adoptions!

  12. Yay for adoptions from me too.. and a double! 🙂 beautiful.

    thank you for sharing the link..

    Several of these photos blew me away.. you are getting better and better at your photography.. it’s killing me 🙂 (but in a good way)