8-8-12 – Meet the Pickles!

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The ‘Maters profiles are on hold ’til tomorrow (I’ll do Sungold and Wellington tomorrow and finish up with mouthy little Caspian on Friday), so you can meet (drumroll, please!)….

The Pickles!

Polly Pickle is a girl. She’s a silver tabby. (I only got one picture of her face before she demanded to be unhanded.)

Petey Pickle is a boy, and also a silver tabby. You can’t really tell from these pictures, but he bears a striking resemblance to a Gremlin (which makes him even more adorable.)

Percy Pickle is also a boy, and also a silver tabby.

Joe Pickle is a brown tabby, a boy, and clearly the evil mastermind of the litter.

These guys are such sweet, friendly little things. They’re estimated to be about 5 weeks old (date of birth July 2nd). They’re eating well, they’re using the litter boxes just fine, and they have totally made themselves at home (I got them Monday morning). They run over to me and climb in my lap as soon as I sit down in their room, are petted and kissed and hugged, and then run off to play and eat before circling back around for more love.

The story is that they were found as strays.  They seem to have been well cared for, and have definitely been around people. I have no idea where their mama is.

Not surprised that I have another litter already, are you? I did go the ENTIRE weekend with just the ‘Maters, after all! We moved the ‘Maters down to the guest bedroom (they now have the run of the house during the day) and the Pickles are in the foster bedroom upstairs.

Polly (I think) pauses mid-play to clean her paw.

The three silver tabbies at the food bowls.

Polly or Percy.

That basket’s already become their favorite place to sleep.

Joe at the water fountain.

Percy (I think), checking out the plastic baskets.

They have such pretty stripes.

Joe, with his claw caught.

Percy enjoys some water.

Polly in her pink collar. Unfortunately, that collar wasn’t quite small enough, so I had to replace it with a paper collar (which I colored pink with a marker) ’til her crocheted collar arrives.

“I am a sassy little monster who rules this litter with an iron paw. Until one of my brothers bites my tail, and then I wail like a big baby.”

The three silver tabbies, checking out the toys…

while Joe takes a nap.

These kittens remind me of the Bookworms. Well, the three silver tabbies (especially Percy) remind me of Reacher, and Joe reminds me very much of Rhyme.

About the names: Before I saw this bunch, I had totally planned to name them after varieties of squash and referring to them as the Squashlings. But then I saw them and decided not to because I really want to name a kitten Butternut, and I feel like that name should be saved for an orange (or buff) kitten. Then I considered naming them after varieties of apple, but wasn’t loving the idea (though I am saving the naming theme for a future litter – that seems like more of a Fall theme). Then I remembered that last year I almost got a bottle baby, a little tortie, and I had decided (before I ever saw her) to name her Polly Pickle. The people who found her ended up keeping her, but I’ve been saving the name until I felt the time was right. And the time was right! So, the Pickles they became.

Fred and I both find it amusing to say “Meet the Pickles: Polly, Petey, Percy and Joe!”

Fred was lobbying very hard for me to give Joe the name Tony Rocky Horror (who is the guy in Pulp Fiction (only referred to, never actually seen) who got thrown out of a window for giving Marsellus Wallace’s wife a foot massage), but I put him off by telling him that the next single boy kitten we get will get that name. (I’m hoping a little bit that he forgets.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sheriff Mama, running across the yard to tell me that I have TOO MANY KITTENS and she’s going to write me a ticket.


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  1. Polly, Percy, Petey and JOE! Dying. I was expecting Dill, Gherkin, etc.!!


  2. I totally see the gremlin in those photos of Petey. In fact, before I scrolled down and saw the text, I was thinking, wow, that’s the most gremlin-looking kitten I think I’ve ever seen!

  3. I’ve been asked to tell you that Petey Pickles was clearly fathered by Jack Nicholson. ;D

  4. KITTENS!!!

    Well, more kittens. Ahem.

    I’m glad they are healthy and socialized. I hope their mama is OK and is going to be spayed by her people!

    I love how Kara looks like her ears are outlined with magic marker in that shot of her. What a pretty cat (as well as a law-enforcing one).

  5. I was thinking earlier this week that it was about time for more kittens, so I was expecting this post. Hooray for new kittens!

  6. Glad to hear that the Pickles are already loving their time in Paradise, and I’m with you on that name Fred’s keen on. May he have a premature, one-off senior moment. Tony does seem a cute name, though. And my silver tabby has commanded me to inform you that graybies rock in a great big way.

  7. Tiny floofy tabbies, wheeeee! Those are lucky little kittens to find their way to you.

  8. We need to know why Joe is Joe and not something that starts with “P”?

    You are a tabby magnet!

    • Mostly because I couldn’t decide on a boy’s “P” name that I liked (I like Paulie, but it sounds identical to Polly, so that was a no-go), and it makes us laugh to have three P names and then suddenly a non-P name. 🙂

      • I don’t know if you do the Renaissance faire thing, but a long-time regular act at our local Renfaire, Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Texas, is the Flaming Idiots: three jugglers named Pyro, Gyro, and…Walter.

      • It makes me laugh also and I really like it – but of course I had to go see if I could find other p names:

        Parker, Paco, Porter, Piers & my personal favorite because it doesn’t SOUND like a P name: Phineas. 🙂 (although Parker Pickle and Paco Pickle are fun to say)

  9. Oh, I had forgotten how cute they are at that age! (Has it been 5 months already since my little litter was born??) Wee widdle tailsies!!!

    Polly Pickle is totally ready “to cut you” in that 2nd picture. What a beautiful, but I foresee rowdy, group! How many pickles will the Pickles get into?? :-0

    Howdy Sheriff Mama!

  10. Awww, your babies were born the day I brought my litter home. Has it only been five weeks? I’d say time flies, but when they’re as sick as mine were it also seems like forever.

    Totally name a kitten Butternut. When my Megan was in T-Ball, her team was the Lugnuts (named after the minor league Lansing Lugnuts up here in Michigan). The coach got it in his head that all the kids should have “nut” names on the backs of their jerseys. Mine lucked out and got to use her family nickname (Nutmeg). The kid who was Butternut did not take it very well… his parents loved it, kid not so much. I imagine a kitten named Butternut would appreciate it more. 😉

  11. PICKLES! Love the names and they are adorable. I was thinking last night as I was kissing some of the tater tots that your house was a little empty.

  12. Gremlin is the perfect description Robyn 🙂 These sure are some cuties you’ve got on your hands!

  13. Finally found the name of the popular little dwarf kitten that has gained a lot of attention lately and didn’t know if Gail and Tyrion had. Her name is “Lil Bub” and she has a Facebook page and was recently on Animal Planet and The Today Show. Maybe she can contact the owner through Facebook for some advice?

  14. Pickles on its own is a pretty popular name for a pet over here, the last rat my son Geraint got before he died was named Pickles. It’s a great name for these little bundles of mischief!

  15. I was thinking “Dill”, “Sweet” when I started reading…guess “Bread and Butter” would be odd!

  16. Love the new litter of kittens. They are so cute. I would name Joe~~ prince or Pablo, just saying~~

    • I’m thinking it’s a tie between Polly and Petey. Last night I would have said Polly’s the new Stompers. This morning, I’m leaning toward Petey, especially after he tried sucking on the neckline of my shirt, found it not to his liking, and then gave me a bug-eyed look of dismay. 😀

  17. Loving the Pickles!!! And silver tabbies are the prettiest! Not to be outdone by the one & only Corbs tho!

  18. There is something so incredibly endearing about little kitten profiles. Makes my heart melt.

    One of my three Feleuk foster kittens, who actually made it to a little over a year old and was able to go live at the shelter with her siblings and lotsa lotsa other kitties, went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. Her life was too short but it was filled with happiness and love. And her two sisters are still doing well!

    • Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss! I have a special empathy for Feleuk kitties now after Tabitha’s kittens’ brush with the disease.

    • Ah, I am sorry to hear that Teughcats. At least the kitty had a chance to play with friends and have some time with you.

  19. Remembering the name of a never seen on screen character is pretty amazing. Fred has a mind equiped for the tiny nuances of life. I had to laugh. I’d completely forgotten about that part and it was very amusing in the movie.

    The Pickles has to be the cutest name yet-especially Polly Pickle. Adorable little bunch of baby kitty sweetness. Love & Hisses is my find the happy place!

  20. Pickles!!! New kittens! Sweet baby kittens! Love them already!!

    Did you ever watch Scrubs? There was one patient with dementia who could only say one word.. Pickles! I hear his voice when I hear that word/name!

    Sheriff Momma looks very intent on getting your attention! I wouldnt move if I were you until she gets to you and gets some lovin’!

  21. I love the new group! Fred may be onto something the with “Rocky Horror.” Some good names in there: Riff-Raff, Janet, Brad, FrankNFurter…. 😀

    By now, your Karma meter must be off the charts! (Fred’s too!) Bless you for fostering those little kittehs…

    • Oh my god, Rocky Horror kitties would be fantastic!

      And the new guys are lovely 🙂

  22. Polly’s first picture so mirrored my mood that I had to laugh as soon as I saw it….and it sure got me out of my pouty mood!
    I love the Pickles!