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Today, we focus on Mr. Stripey in this section, and Dingwall Scotty in the next!

Mr. Stripey, Mr. Stripey. What can I say about this silly boy?

He is incredibly playful and sweet and goofy. He’s the first one to start playing after naptime, and the last one to give up and go to sleep.

He’s SUPER fond of that hammock, obviously, and nothing is more fun to him than laying there and smacking that toy back and forth.

However, lest you think that he is simply an athlete, he would like you to know that he is also a scholar. Having finished reading Flowers for Algernon for the second time, he’s looking for new reading material. He thinks Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan are a little too overrated, but some of this Stephen King will be a tasty bedtime snack. Uh, READ, that is. Bedtime READ. Β He’s going to give Cujo a try.

Did I mention that he’s fond of that hammock? When one of his brothers decides to hang out in it, Mr. Stripey does not approve, and he doesn’t hesitate to let them know.

They always cede the hammock to its rightful owner.

He has a leaky right eye. Lysine doesn’t make a difference, and we’ve tried different types of food to no avail. There MAY have been a slight difference in the leakiness of his eye when I stopped giving them any kind of seafood-based canned food, but then again that might have just been happenstance (we’re sticking to grain-free duck and poultry canned foods, just in case.) He needs a trip to the vet, probably later this week. Though his eye is leaky, it doesn’t slow him down – and for that matter, it’s FAR better than it was when we first got him. At that point, I was actually worried that he might lose the eye, but ointment helped the most. (He’s still getting ointment in that eye, too.)

He likes to play-fight with his brothers, especially with Dingwall Scotty.

Did I mention that he’s a snuggler? He likes to get up next to me on the couch at TV time, drape himself over one of my legs and purr and purr. If I pick him up and flip him over like a baby, he pretends to protest, but the whole time he protests – and it’s just a token protest of “mehhhh!” – he’s purring like crazy.

He is just a good, sweet boy who loves kisses and being petted and having snacks. His needs are not complicated, and he’s a sweet little snugglebug who doesn’t mind giving you your own space. His favorite toy? Plastic straws. He can bat those things around the house all day long.

He has a teeny tiny crush on Miz Poo, which Miz Poo pretends not to appreciate, and yesterday afternoon when she was asleep at my feet, he ever-so-slowly crawled up next to her and settled down.

You can imagine how thrilled she was when she woke up to find him there, but he gave her the sweetest “You’re so purty!” look and blinked at her, and she couldn’t bring herself to smack him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dingwall Scotty.

Notice how after I told you how much Mr. Stripey loves that hammock, I show you a picture of Dingwall Scotty in it? It’s also one of his favorite places to hang out – but he gives it up when Mr. Stripey comes along. He’s a genial, easygoing fella, that Dingwall Scotty.

(Fred couldn’t remember Dingwall Scotty’s name the other day and called him “Dingwall Wally”, which made me laugh for some reason. Still does.)

Dingwall Scotty is a bit of a daydreamer, a quiet observer, and can often be seen staring off into space having (we assume) Deep, Important Thoughts. Like his brothers, he’s a snuggler and loves to be picked up and flipped over onto his back like a baby.

He’s also fearless, and will jump from heights higher than this without thinking twice (note that Mr. Stripey’s in the background saying “You can’t jump from up there! You’ll break a leg! Take the rope!”)

I love how this picture shows his very faint stripes. He’s mostly black and has a few big patches of white – a “locket” on his chest, and a white bikini top and bottom. He has one white toe on his back left foot, and a scattering of white fur around his ears (though you have to look closely to see that.) He’s very particular about his furs, and if you mess them up, he gives a sigh of exasperation and sets about busily straightening them.

Though he is an easygoing boy, Dingwall Scotty can do a really good “You don’t wanna mess with me” look when he’s not in the mood to play-fight. Whichever brother is on the receiving end of that look usually backs right off.

He’s an excellent fly hunter (though not so great at actually catching them). If there’s a fly in the house, he knows about it, and he can track them to whichever window they’re buzzing around in. He’s like a little fly alarm system, pointing out the fly and jumping after it, but never quite finishing the job.

His favorite toy? He loves da Bird, any kind of feather teaser, pretty much anything he has to jump for. I think he’s got extra springs in his back legs, and he can do a decent high jump.

Like Mr. Stripey, he loves to snuggle, but is also good about giving you some space. He usually likes to start out his naps snuggled up to a human or another cat, and then eventually moves off so he has some space to stretch out when it’s time for hardcore napping.

How many ways are there to say that this litter of kittens is really sweet? They just are total sweethearts. Playful, snuggly, funny to watch and fun to kiss and snuggle. Gotta love the ‘Maters!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, Sugarbutt, my pretty, sweet, grumpy boy.

“You gonna come over here and kiss me, or what?”
(I did.)


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8-7-12 — 19 Comments

  1. Mr. Stripey and Miz Poo sitt’n in a tree…. k – i – s – s – i – n – g! LOL

    My Josh (r.i.p.) was the same way as Dingwall. I loved to mess with him after he just finished his bath. I would take my finger and rub a spot. He would look at me like, “Ewwwww…now I’m dirty again [evil eye]” and reclean that spot. I would then pick spots harder to reach – like between his ears and under his chin. It was a fun game…well at least for me. I loved that cat and he got more kisses than he probably cared for! πŸ™‚

  2. I love flipping kittens on their backs and rubbing the widdle bellies and giving raspberries.

    Sugarbutt reminds me of my baby Malcolm (who’s 3 and not a baby he’ll have you know). How much does Sugarbutt weigh?

  3. Poor Miz Poo. She gets no respect! I have a cat (15) who has had leaky eyes since he was a kitten. Nothing helps. So if you come up witha super potion, let me know!

  4. Adore Dingwall. Still want him to form a boy band with Caspian and Wellington.

    Mr. Stripey is what the British call “a cheeky monkey.” Very adorable.

  5. I think these guys were probably the friendliest I’ve met that you’ve fostered. They didn’t show a smidgeon of fear of me. Launched right into thinking my jeans and toes were the best things to bite ever!

    Going to see the little Taters (not the maters – got my veggiekittens mixed up) tonight. Hopefully one or all will get adopted! Or Razzie!

  6. My fly alarm system is an 85 pound dog. Always makes me nervous when he starts jumping at a spot on the wall right next to the television. I’m envisioning glass all over the floor. The 8 cats in the house (sigh… only 2 of them are staying permanently) are pretty useless when it comes to bugs. They would rather point out the empty bowls on the floor in the kitchen. They don’t appreciate it when I point out that if they’d just eat the bugs, they wouldn’t be so hungry.

    The claws in that last picture of Dingwall Scotty frighten me. He could have whatever he wanted in my house.

    • LOL! My three are amazing hunters (indoor only cats). I should really get my youngest (1 yr old) a “Born To Kill” t-shirt!! πŸ™‚

  7. I think Dingwall Scotty will be adopted immediately if only because of his awesome name! (And not a bad surname, if I do say so myself!) πŸ˜‰ And I hope Mr. Stripey grows out of his leaky eye. That wouldn’t stop me from adopting him (I tend to favor the runts and not so pretty babies that need extra love anyway…goodness knows Trixie was a half pound, flea-bitten, goopy-eyed, chicken-neck mess when I found her!) but I worry that other folks won’t realize how incredible Mr. Stripey is/and will grow up to be!

    *kiss* *kiss* Sugie!!

    • It should help that there is a minor character in the movie Brave named Dingwall, too πŸ™‚

  8. I think Sugarbutt is just gorgeous. I am not sure if he is giving the love of love or the look of disdain in that last picture, but I would kiss the stuffing out of him anyway.

  9. My cat has a leaky eye too. When we first got him (ten years ago!) he was on various meds and ointments that didn’t help much… Later he was diagnosed with an over-active tear duct. Anyway, he’s fine and he keeps it clean and it never looks infected. Our vet says this is not uncommon. Who knew?

  10. I’ve got an orange cat with a leaky eye as well. The vet thinks it is probably due to contracting feline herpes as a kitten (He is a rescue cat and got no medical care at all until he was over a year old.) For the last five months, we’ve tried every med known to man, and still the eye leaks. Evidently, leaky eyes can be tough to fix! It doesn’t seem to bother the cat at all, so I’ve decided not to let it bother me. (Of course, he will continue to be monitored by the vet.)

  11. I love those little marmie boys! If I didn’t live a thousand miles away and have a house full of cranky old lady cats I’d scoop them up in a second.

  12. Any post that has Mr. Stripey and a couple of his Mini-Mes is a hit. But since any L&H post is a hit already, that’s redundant as all get-out. My first cat had an occasionally leaky eye, which the vet said was a result of her poor start in life. It never stopped her from chasing her tail or catching mice or being a love-bug. Mr. Stripey has already more than made up for his dodgy start — all hail Brandywine and her excellent family. Now if only my two would welcome another.

  13. My Percy has a slightly leaky eye, but the vet says that’s better than dry eyes (as he had entropion eyes and needed surgery when he first came into the shelter). But if you find something that solves leaky eyes, I’d love to know. πŸ™‚

  14. Dingwall Scotty has the cutest name EVER and I hope whoever adopts him keeps it! Can you imagine the nick names? Actually, I bet you can, how many does the little man have by now? Aside from Dingwall Wally?

    Mr. Stripey is adorable too, I love that he loves that basket because I always wondered if any cat ever used those.

    Sugarbutt needs kissin’!

  15. Love Sugarbutt! He looks so much like my big orange Murphy cat! Even the look of annoyance! The only thing missing are all the nose and mouth freckles.

  16. Teego has a leaky eye, and the vet put some fluorescent green liquid in his eyes, and the good side had green liquid coming out his nose, and the leaky eye had none, and he said it was just that he probably had a malformed tearduct or something like that.

    All the best cats have leaky eyes!