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In case you missed it, I posted an entry over the weekend with the last of the Taters pics.

I actually stopped by Petsmart on Saturday to pick up Razzie and bring her home, but after talking to the shelter manager, decided to leave her there. There’s been some interest in her, and she came thisclose to being adopted on Saturday. The people came in wanting to meet both Razzie and Adele, and when they took Razzie out of her cage, she was a total wild child, bouncing all over the place. Adele was more sedate, so they decided to adopt her. Of course, Razzie has her snuggly moments, too, she just wasn’t feeling snuggly at the moment.

Like I said on Facebook, she marches to the beat of her own stump!

This just means her people haven’t come along yet. They will, I know they will, but I sure do wish they’d hurry up!

I got to visit with her for a few minutes (she was sleepy and just wanted back in her cage so she could curl up.) I also got to visit with the Taters. Those Taters, who were so scared when I left them Friday morning, were hanging out in their cage, not a care in the world. I let them out, and they came over to greet me, but weren’t clingy. They ran around for a few minutes, and were just as happy to go back into their cage.

None of my fosters were adopted over the weekend, but their time is coming, I can feel it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today, we focus on Brandywine.

Sweet, sweet Brandywine. She is SUCH a good and patient mama.

Now that the kittens and Brandywine have the entire house to roam, she gets a little more time to herself. But when they catch sight of her, they instantly turn into starving, squalling little babies. I am not kidding you – Caspian followed her into the LITTER BOX and tried to nurse while she was using it the other day. I was so annoyed that I pulled him off her. She just looked at me like “You see? You see what I put up with?” Yesterday, however, she was trying to eat, and four of the five kittens were trying to nurse. She turned to walk away, and they started to follow her, and Fred said it was like a Three Stooges moment, where she smacked all four of them, pop-pop-pop-pop. Then she just LOOKED at them, and they decided it was in their best interest to find somewhere else to be.

She is a super playful girl and loves to play with her kittens, which of course they enjoy as well. If they’re sleeping or just aren’t in the mood to play, she’ll race from one end of the house to the other, and back again. Any object that moves is fair game to be batted around. And of course you’ve seen her bottle brush tail when she’s playing!

She is a really mild cat, not at all aggressive. She gets along just fine with the other adult cats in the house. I’ve seen her and Jake rubbing against each other. I’ve also seen her get too close to Kara, who reacted as she always does, by hissing and smacking. Brandywine backed right off. She seems to know which cats will put up with her being close to them (Jake, Tommy, Elwood) and which cats won’t (the rest of them!)

She is a total people-lover. She loves to rub up against my legs (especially when I’m in the kitchen!) when I’m standing still. If I lay down on the couch, she’ll jump up next to me to be petted. She likes to rub her face against mine (and against Fred’s), and she purrs and purrs. She adores being held flipped over on her back like a baby, and really enjoys a good belly rub.

She is an absolutely gorgeous girl, isn’t she? She’s really mild-mannered and sweet. The burns on her back are finally completely healed – they seemed to heal very very slowly, and then all of a sudden they were completely healed. The only really noticeable one is in the middle of her back. It’s a white scar now, with no scab. I don’t know whether fur will grow back there – I suspect not – but it’s really fairly small.

She’s beautiful and slinky and graceful-looking, but she’s such a silly, playful goofball. Loves to be petted and to snuggle, but not pushy about it. She is really the total package. I cannot imagine someone spending more than a few minutes with her and not falling immediately in love!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Though we still refer to Newt as one of our “outside” cats (the others being Maxi and Rupert), he actually seems to spend more time inside than the inside cats do! He never snoozes in the same place twice. He seems to disappear and reappear in another spot in the house, and you never actually see him moving from one spot to the other.

He’ll go out into the back yard for short periods of time, but then he’s back inside.

He’s no dummy. He knows how to stay cool!


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  1. LOVE Brandywine! Wish I was a few states closer. I would take her in a minute

    • Me too! Although I’m at my limit of two oldsters. She’s just so beautiful and playful, all common sense has gone out the window!!

  2. Thank you for caring for Brandywine and giving her personality a chance to bloom!

  3. We also have 14 cats. How do you deal with the horrified looks of people who find that out? You’d think we were cooking meth instead of loving us a bunch of rescued babies. Anyway, I believe the ratio is 6 cats = one medium dog. See? Not so bad. 😉

    • So, in other words, you have 2 medium-sized dogs and 1 small, yappy-type dog? 😉 I like that logic!

  4. Brandywine is gorgeous, no doubt about that. I’d love to be her human. Hubby isn’t happy that our two furgirls aren’t snugglers, but he also doesn’t want more cats. I wish he could meet Brandywine. I know he’d fall in love too!

  5. I get horrified looks from people when I say I have FIVE. I don’t even want to try FOURTEEN! Yay for Adele. She is a sweet little kitten. She fell asleep in my arms last time I was at the shelter. Razzle Dazzle’s time is coming! I guess I’ll be seeing the ‘maters tomorrow night.

  6. Brandywine is almost an identical twin to my cat, “Slinky.” And Slinky has a love-bug personality too; I rescued her and her kittens from a horse barn. Found good homes for the kittens, kept the good mama. Slinky is going on 15 years old now, and she’s always remained a very slender, slinky cat, no matter how much she eats.

  7. What I love about Brandy is how dainty and graceful she is, even for a cat. Love her fangirl experience with Rupert, even though we knew THAT wasn’t going to happen.

    So glad her back is better, I can’t even see any signs of whatever that was.

    • Brandywine had burns on her back which probably came from running under a car which had hot parts underneath.

      I’m glad they’re healed and she’s enjoying life! I also love that she isn’t shy about weaning her kits. They’re big enough now.

  8. I would have loved to have seen the Three Stooges smack-down Brandywine put on the kittens! I laugh just thinking about it!

    Brandy, you’re a fine girl, what a good pet you will be!!!

    Razzle Dazzle, you keep being you! Someone out there wants a kitty that can be a wild child AND a lovebug!

  9. Brandywine not only looks exactly like my Momma Cat Aurora (also a rescue with white instead of golden gloves) they are both playful and friendly. I think that Aurora is still very young (even though we have her first litter who seem to be almost 3 months old now) and I suspect the same of Bradywine. As teenage (or 20 something) Mom’s (under age 2) they will tend to be kitten like and playful, even the day before she gave birth Aurora still wanted to chase and play. Though she weaned her older kittens and refuses to have anything to do with them (normal in these situations).

    I suspect that Brandywine is feeling the need to start weaning as well, sometimes when they are spayed, they never do; letting whichever kitten becomes their life time companion nurse until old age (it is very silly looking). But usually they get around to weaving about the time they would have gone into heat if they had not been spayed and this is about the right time for that.

    • I know you meant “weaning,” but I got a very silly picture in my head of Brandywine weaving at a loom. 🙂

  10. It is my turn with a question! lol

    We have had a long-haired calico that was a stray and we brought her in. She would chase any cats off that tried to come in our yard. She is fairly aggressive with the dogs and will go out of her way to smack them even if they aren’t even looking at her. She controls the upstairs and sometimes will not even let the dogs come up. They are big labs and it doesn’t phase them when she smacks them.

    We were leery about getting another cat but found one at PetSmart and adopted one. She is a 2 year old femaile, which is about the same age as the calico. We were worried that Ned would beat up the new kitty. We are having the opposite problem. The new kitty keeps ambushing Ned. We have had been keeping them separated and new kitty has been my my daughter’s roommate for about a month now. We tried letting them out again yesterday and they stayed in different rooms. Everyone got distracted and wandered off and I forgot them as well when it was time to get dinner. Everyone else was out in the pool and I in the kitchen when I heard what sounded like two Tasmanian devils upstairs. I came to the bottom of the stairs and saw fur flying everywhere. I managed to get up there and they were under my bed. I sprayed some water and the aggressor took off to her safe room. Poor Ned had so much fur ripped out of her. The new girl still had tufts of Ned’s fur with blood on them stuck in her front claws. It looks like the new kitty had ambushed Ned when she was in the hooded litterbox and it went from there in the boys’ room.

    Any good ideas on getting the new girl to stop ambushing Ned? They said she was good with most cats. The behaviorist at the Humane Society told me that cats are not territorial. I am reading plenty of info that states otherwise. Any help and ideas welcome! I have been spraying the Feliway spray after the way the new girl behaved the first time we tried to let them meet.

    • That sounds to me like the new cat wants to play and be friends. If Ned isn’t up for it, another cat her own age or maybe a kitten might fit the bill. Those two will be buddies and Ned will join or not as she feels like it.

      • Woo, reading comprehension fail. That’s a real fight. Um, maybe not. That’s not cool.

    • I’m inclined to think that the behaviorist doesn’t know what they’re talking about, because cats can definitely be territorial!

      Have you gone through a phase of introduction for the two cats? There’s a lot of info online (http://www.petfinder.com/after-pet-adoption/cat-to-cat-introductions.html is one place), and a well-structured introduction period may help. With my cats, the latest addition, Percy, took about a month to be fully integrated and out 24/7 with the others.

      And if you haven’t watched, some of the latest episodes of My Cat From Hell on Discovery have some good tips for doing re-introductions. 🙂

      • http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/my-cat-from-hell/videos/cat-fight.htm Emile and Mike have the same issues..

        Yes, cats are extremely territorial, which is why people think cats are loaners. They aren’t, they just aren’t happy in groups that are any larger then they feel the resources in their territory can handle. I would watch the cat from hell episode above. I’d also recommend googling and following instructions on cat introductions and/or cat reintroductions. They involve isolating one of the cats for a while and going slowly.

        I’ve had great success with Jackson’s Spirit Essences. You can read through the different types he offers and see which might work for you. Safe space might help if one is feeling insecure, bully might help if one is being a bully, etc. http://jacksongalaxy.com/2012/08/06/qa-what-are-spirit-essences

        I also highly highly recommend the book Cat vs Cat. Lots of great information in there in how to handle cats in a multiple cat household and what you need to do and can do to support peace.

          • Thanks so much for the suggestions. I will look into them all. I realized they are essentially the same ago. They are both 2. The new one, Dodger, is very playful. I wonder if her sneak attacks are intended to be playful but comes off aggressive. We have her back in my daughter’s room for the time being. Ned came back around rather quickly once she was sure Dodger was locked up. Dodger is so loving and my youngest is so in love with her because she tolerates him, where Ned does not. She is smacking him every chance she gets. I am hoping that if Ned seems to gain more confidence, it will help. We will try again and see how it goes. It is so hard.

          • Also, I noticed that her paperwork says she was in late pregnancy when the HS got her. By looking at dates, it would appear that they gave her an abortion as there was only 3 weeks between her intake and her spay. I asked if that would have am impact on her behavior and was told no. I am not so sure that wouldn’t throw off her hormones and cause a mental issue.

  11. Fingers crossed for sweet Razzie!!!! Oh please please please be adopted asap!!! So happy to see the rest of the Noms adopted!! Now for Razzie!!

    Yay for Brandywine and her beautiful babies! Take care

  12. I absolutely love the pic of Brandywine and Elwood (Jake?) hanging out by those shoes. Brandywine’s coat looks so bright and exotic, almost like a tiger or some other wild cat!

  13. I know you’ve said you take thousands of pictures and root through them to find the best ones, but what you do choose to post is SO lovely! That very last photo of Brandywine is calendar- or magazine-worthy.

  14. I love to see Brandywine being so playful. She’s so young herself and it’s joyful to see her getting to be carefree and play with her own milk-sucking kids. LOL I adore her silly big ears. 🙂

  15. I am trying to stay rational and NOT get in my car and start driving your way! Brandywine is such a beautiful girl. She has really touched my heart!

  16. I am in love with Spanky and Joe Bob. And those 8/2 photos of JB lounging in the grass did me in. So cool and refreshing. So beautiful.

  17. That Newt is one handsome boy, even when he’s sitting in a box that’s a size (or two!) too small!

    And I’m glad Brandy is getting to be a young cat again. She is such a beauty!

  18. I remember a little dog who, when first introduced to us, was “bouncing off the walls” One would think an old couple like us would be looking for a quieter, older dog. When I first saw him, crazy acting as he was, I said “there’s the dog I’ve been looking for!” He turned out to be everyone’s favorite. People stopped us wherever we went wanting to know about BENJIE!!!
    Brandywine is the perfect mother!! and her looks are unique!!! Someone will be lucky to get her!!!

  19. If I weren’t at my limit with this particular constellation of cats I’d look for a long ride for Brandywine, she looks and sounds like my kind of cat. Mine have their little hierarchy all adjusted (with the help of some psychoactive drugs for one) and I’d just hate to mess it up!