8-7-09 – Kittens, named!

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Thanks to a suggestion from misscrankypants, the kittens are now named! We went with a “True Blood” naming theme this time around, and we have Sookie (the girl, obviously), Lafayette (the black kitten), Terry (the kitten with the diamond shape on his nose), Sam (the biggest kitten), and Hoyt and Bill (the two brown tabbies I can’t tell apart!).

The kittens are ever so slowly warming up to me. Last night Terry let me hold and pet him for a long time, and he even purred for a little while. Lafayette came over and flopped down next to me and demanded a belly rub. The others aren’t actively seeking out being petted, but when I pet them as they run by, they don’t shy away from me, either.

Their eyes are slowly getting better each day – Hoyt and Bill’s eyes are the worst, but I’m treating them multiple times a day with ointment, and I expect by the end of the weekend they’ll be running around with big, bright eyes instead of squinting around with goopy eyes.

I suspect they’ll be glad when I’m no longer trying to put ointment in their eyes, too!

2009-08-07 (7)
Lafayette. Look at that goofy little face – how can you not love him to bits?

2009-08-07 (14)
Sam’s the laid-back sweetie pie of the bunch.

2009-08-07 (8)
Sookie. She’s a bit skittish and she HATES it when I pick her up to put ointment in her eyes, but at least she’s not hiding under the chair all the time now.

2009-08-07 (9)
“Did you hear that?”

2009-08-07 (10)
“Banzai! This kitten condo will be MINE!”

2009-08-07 (11)
I love how Lafayette’s trying to take the condo, and the other two are like “What is he doing?”

2009-08-07 (12)
He’s hanging on for dear life…

2009-08-07 (13)
“I meant to do that.”

2009-08-07 (18)
Sam and his Paw of I’m the Boss.

2009-08-07 (17)
Hoyt or Bill. Check out the size of that paw!

2009-08-07 (16)
Kitten pile-on.

2009-08-07 (15)
Terry gives the Paw of I’m the Boss a try.


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8-7-09 – Kittens, named! — 5 Comments

  1. I’ll second Martha… great action sequence with the taking (almost) of the condo! I’m in luv… with all of them, of course… but golly, the markings on Mr. Sam! So B&W! And is that a little black dot in the middle of his nose leather??? *sigh*

  2. I named one of my foster kittens Sookie too. I know that she was adopted recently and I was trying to see if I could find who adopted her by doing a search on a kitten named Sookie. Obviously I am only one of many True Blood fans who named kitties after characters.
    If you want to see pics of my Sookie Pie (I have a million nicknames for my kitties) check out my blog.


    Have a good night!