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Picking up from yesterday’s post, more chasing around after the FroliCat Bolt laser!

Marshall, with his eye on the prize.

Sweet Blaster.

Chomping on one of the spring toys they love to carry around.

Gilbert in the sun.

Grant was snoozing in that basket, and had to get up to see what was going on.

Kittens playing all over the place, and Dennis right there in the middle of it. As usual!

Grant and Marshall on the cat tree.

Marshall, guarding the ladder to the castle.

Blaster, laying in the sun and playing with a mink tail.


I lubs my Tommy (don’t tell Stinkerbelle, though, she’ll kick my butt!)


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8-7-14 — 16 Comments

      • True that – My black and white Sooty was brown if you looked at him in the sun at the just the right angle….

        Tommy and those kittens sure are handsome and cute!

        • My husband calls our Merry brown, according to him he just looks black in non-bright light. I call him black. So then we sort of compromised and call him brown/black like my mascara. Heh

          He says the way we can tell is that our dog is definitely black in whatever lighting he’s in, he never looks brown. So therefore…. Whatever man

  1. Tommy has a gorgeous shine to his fur. I love that about the black/brown/reddish blackbrown kitties. Does he have stripes or dots that you can only see in the sun? Like black panthers?

  2. [venting on]

    I am so annoyed every time I look at the right banner, that I am tempted to drive over to Alabama and just pick up Tricki or Livia at this point. Or Tomato for heavens sake.

    What is wrong with you Huntsville people? Don’t you see three lovely, loving girls who would be great additions to any home when they look at them?

    [venting off]

    • Please do!!! 🙂
      Not only would they be thrilled, but we would too cuz you would be giving us updates!!!!!! YAY

  3. The pic of Blaster with the mink tail looks like he’s sucking his thumb. Aaawwweee

    • One of my favorite costumes at Dragon Con was a highwayman in black garb and mask carrying a handful of lupines.

      I wish that I’d gotten a picture.

    • That is hilarious! Dennis certainly managed to redistribute the sunbeam mostly to himself.