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Scorch and Ember, snuggling up for a long afternoon nap.

Even mostly asleep, Scorch has something to contribute to the conversation.

Oh, the ears. They are a thing of beauty, no?

Ruth and Puff in the kitchen. Puff’s trying to convince Ruth that she should let him have the box. She’s not convinced.

Have I mentioned that the eyes on this litter just kill me? Ruth’s eyes are gorgeous! I love how you can still see a ring of blue.

“Lady, you distracting us from our negotiations. You go ‘way.”

Norbie needs a kiss.

And a closer look at Puff’s eyes.
“Lady, I think I told you to go ‘way.”

All of the kittens are fond of the Cat-It water fountain in the laundry room. Ember’s especially funny when she drinks from it, because she feels the need to rest both her front paws AND her back foot on the fountain while she drinks. I haven’t gotten a picture yet, obviously, but I hope to!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Brandon would like you to admire the pretty stripes on his side.

“What is it?”
“Um… some kind of bowl with a toy in it? I think?”

Hodor’s checking to see if the path to my lap is clear.

These kittens are forever biting each others tails – and getting mad when their own tail is being bitten.
As you might be able to tell from this picture, Jon Snow’s starting to get some very, very faint orange color in his body.


Arya, amused by herself.

That Brandon always has something to say.

And he ain’t kiddin!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Joe Bob loved this little cat (dog) house so very much. But then the other jerks sprayed the side of it, so we had to move it out of the back yard. Hmph.

Sometimes we bring it back to the back yard for a while so he can enjoy it, though. Because we lubs our Jobey-Joe.


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8-7-13 — 11 Comments

  1. I’m sure you already know far more spraying diversions than I do, but perhaps someone else can use this tip (or if it works for Joe Bob to have his house in the yard…yippee!)

    When Norman died, Ruby had lost both him and Clara (to adoption) in a week and she was considerably stressed out. So stressed that she started using Charlie’s dog beds as litter boxes. Imagine my stress at trying to figure out what smelled until I saw her doing it… twice! I read that cats hate the smell of citrus and won’t pee where the smell is. So I washed the beds in vinegar to neutralize the pee smell and then again with a cup of lemon juice. She hasn’t used them since.

    • Hmmm… maybe I’ll try spraying the side of Joe Bob’s house with lemon juice and see if that works! Thanks for the tip (and I’m going to post it in Friday’s post, too!)

      • I wonder if a lemon scented cleaner would deter them? Some brands are really strong! We use a lot of Nature’s Miracle for cat spray and pee. I’ve never used it on anything outdoors, though.

      • You can buy concentrated orange oil on Amazon. When we were having a problem with inappropriate peeing on the floor, we washed the floors first with Spic & Span (safe for pets) and then rinsed with water with white vinegar and orange oil in it. Definitely helped the smell and seemed to help with preventing the pee-er from returning to the same spots. And the orange oil smells really good. 🙂

  2. My sister was telling me about a TV commercial she seen for a cat toy — some sort of round plastic toy, like the ones with holes in it and a ball inside. The one she saw had something resembling a rat’s tail that would go round the outside of the container, driving cats wild! Anyone know anything about that? Would love to buy one for my cats.

    I’m continuously surprised at how handsome Puff is becoming — quite the little man!

  3. I saw this little kitten on the top banner today:
    SO CUTE. Who was it?

    And did you ever find out who was spraying the side of Joe’s backyard house? I’ve never had experience a “sprayed” area before, but I imagine it would not be pleasant.

    • That’s Razzie from the Nominees, last April – you can see the post with that picture here. She was a character – and she sat at Petsmart forEVER last year before she was finally adopted (which still amazes me – she has a tiny little stub of a tail and was ADORABLE!) on her 6-month birthday.

      I suspect it was either Sugarbutt or Tommy who was spraying Joe Bob’s house. They are not overly fond of poor Joe Bob, for some reason.

  4. I tried using the Cat-It water fountain. It did ok until my youngest cat (then a growing kitten) started grabbing and chewing on the top where the green part fits into the white base. She was able to pull that thing off and drag it across the floor, spilling water everywhere! Now we use one that has the water pouring from a single outlet into a bowl area. She hasn’t been able to tear that one apart.