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Look who it is!

That’s Toby (formerly Charming), checking out his (of course!) favorite web site. He used to be my spell check assistant when he was here with us, and clearly he wants to keep an eye on my spelling just to make sure I’m spelling everything rite.

(Just teasing, Toby!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ember looks like she’s playing the flute (it’s actually an oversized straw. I’d tell you where I got it, but I don’t remember. Possibly I got a pack at the dollar store.)

Norbie’s got himself some crazy eyes.

Norbert is the lightest-on-his-feet cat I’ve ever seen. He’s always popping straight up in the air or jumping over his siblings for reasons known only to him.

“Wait, where ya GOING, come and PLAY with MEEEEE!”

Ember’s got other places to be.

Scorch shows off his pretty eyes.

And Puff shows off HIS pretty eyes.

The Dragon girls are wondering who turned that bright light on, and could they perhaps turn it back off?

There he goes, lookin’ loony again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hodor talks to the trackball toy. “Hodor!” he scolds.

I was taking pictures with my big camera and had the little one in my pocket. Jon Snow found the cord to the camera and claimed it as his own.

“You get away, Hodor! This is MY string!” he said, flailing his paws all over the place.
“Hodor!” said Hodor dismissively.

“I said, you get away! Mine! This is MINE!”
“Hodor?” Hodor asked.

Hodor said nothing, because he found more interesting things to occupy his attention.

“I am showing you my Paw o’ Doom so you don’t think you can sneak back here and take this string from me!”
Hodor didn’t even hear the threat from Jon Snow.

“Hey! I see you lookin’ at my string! I’m going to kick your butt!” Jon Snow said to Arya.
Hodor set sail in his dishpan, hoping to find friendlier waters.

“Hodor!” he said triumphantly when he hit land, and claimed the little blue cat tree as his own.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sheriff Mama (aka Kara) would like you to know that she SEES what you’re doing, and is considering placing you under arrest.

If there’s anything Sheriff Mama loves NEARLY as much as putting little rapscallion kittens under arrest for having a bad attitude, it’s Snackin’ Time. She always seems to be hanging out in the back yard when it’s time for Snackin’, though, so I have to call her in. I got a couple of videos of her racing for the back door; in the first one she was on the patio when I called, and in the second section she was on the platform in the middle of the yard and had to get down from there before she could run for the back yard.

YouTube link.


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8-6-13 — 22 Comments

  1. Okay, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat run toward the caller when called. Either they saunter or jog, or run in the other direction, or ignore. That was a full-out dash for the door. Sheriff Mama loves her Snackin’ Time, for sure!

    Also, I wanted to ask: Does it take a while for cats to want to use the Hammick? You always seem to have cats fighting over them, but my two don’t seem very interested. Am I just expecting too much, too soon?

      • The Hammicks arrived sprinkled with copious amounts of catnip, but I think I will add more and see if that helps.

    • It can take a while! I’m pretty sure that when we first got our ham-micks, Sugarbutt refused to so much as look at them. Now, it’s his favorite place to hang out! It can’t hurt to add more catnip, but you may just need to give it a little time.

  2. hehehe… Kare responds much the same as I do when being called for a meal! awwww my sweet prince charming Tobey! Also pics of my other fave tuxie Norbert… could this day get any better… Why yes it can – Hodor!

  3. Wow, Kara can pick thenm up and put them down! Sheriffing is hard work and apparently builds quite the appetite.

  4. (So I don’t forget 2008 doesn’t have a link)
    I found a picture of Kara somewhere on your site, and now it’s my background at work. I love having her beautiful face to look at while I work. 🙂

  5. HA! Sheriff Mama is in hot pursuit of a snack! Is that Corbie she almost ran down trying to get inside?

    Hodor is going to surprise us all one day when he recites an entire Shakespeare soliloquy… 😉

  6. Wow! I don’t think I’ve seen a cat move as fast as Kara since I was a kid watching my cat sprint from the backyard to the garage during a rainstorm!

  7. question for you: My cat Lucky (8 years old) hasn’t been using the litter box and prefers to use the bathtub. She seems healthy in every other way…any thoughts or ideas on how to get her pissing in the proper place again?

  8. Great video and pictures, as always. How are the kitties at Petsmart? WHY have they been there so long? They’re so beautiful!