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I love the way the camera focused on his reflection. And how much longer his neck looks in the mirror!

Toy in motion.

Sweet Gilbert shows off his wonderful swirls.

Marshall was trying to get under the comforter, and Gilbert was there to stop him.

I sure do love that sweet boy.

Gilbert has captured the feather(less) teaser!

They sure do love that FroliCat Bolt laser.

Where did it gooooo?!

Sweet, sweet Blaster.

Marshall, showing off his long legs and gorgeous stripes (and yes, that’s Mooch. I had a lot of pictures in the queue!)


Sugarbutt, stomping in to see what’s going on.

Checking out the placement of the FroliCat Bolt. Inspector Suggie!


2013: β€œHodor!” he said triumphantly when he hit land, and claimed the little blue cat tree as his own.
2012: She just looked at me like β€œYou see? You see what I put up with?”
2011: There are five of them, obviously.
2010: Okay, wait. Who is THAT?
2009: The True Bloods!
2008: Living dangerously.
2007: Mister Boogers is OBSESSED with being in the chicken yard.
2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.



8-6-14 — 13 Comments

  1. Aw, I love me some orange tabbies!

    I was checking out the Permanent Resident page for Dennis’ bio (not gonna say anything about it not being there…), and stumbled across Tubby’s bio. At his heaviest, how much did the lad weigh? Two of my guys are rather rotund, Gandalf tipping the scales at 27lbs *gasp* (we’ll find out how much Malcolm is on Friday when he goes in for his checkup at the v-e-t). And yes, I’m taking steps to turn them into the Biggest Losers, lol.

    • Yeah, Dennis’s page is on my lengthy to-do list.

      I believe the heaviest Tubby got was 22 pounds. He was actually a small-framed cat, so I always thought he looked much bigger.

  2. Our Furbots could not be any less interested in the FroliCat Bolt Laser toy. They love Red Dot but only if Mom is working the pen.

    • Yeah, most of our adults aren’t interested. Well.. Now that I’ve said that, the last time I turned it on Jake, Sugarbutt and Tommy all came running, so I guess so,e of them are interested!