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On Tuesdays, we leap.

(FYI, Mooch is in these pictures – I took a LOT of leaping pictures before he was adopted, and wanted to be sure to share them all!)

I love the sheer number of cats and kittens in this picture, all of them looking upward.


Mooch’s face is cracking me up. “WHAT HAPPENED?!”

I swear, Marshall is the longest and lankiest kitten EVER.

Triple kitty collision!

If you look very closely (you can click on the picture to see the larger version at Flickr), you can see that Mooch is all kinds of twisted around.

Invisible Hammock.

Gilbert was NOT letting go of Da Bird!

Marshall’s got perfect leapin’ form.

Somehow, in their tandem leaping, Mooch’s front leg ended up in Marshall’s mouth, and Mooch is NOT happy about this turn of events.

And down they go.

Mooch recovered quickly from the insult, and there he goes again.

I love that Stefan is right in the middle of those kittens, and Alice is over on the couch fuming.

He doesn’t lift up quite as high, but he gets the job done!

Dennis, supervising from the lower shelf of the cat tree.

Oh, Stefan’s face. I sure do love that boy.


Miz Poo loves her sunshine.

Sweet, sweet, sweet girl.


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8-5-14 — 25 Comments

  1. I thought the older cats were there just to watch the kitty collisions as spectator sport…and then Stefan shows his stuff! Great pictures all around!

    • Every now and then Sugarbutt will join in, but most of the time Stefan is right there with the kittens, joining in.

  2. Oh, these photos are just as good as the ones I’ve seen of dancers in mid-air by some famous photographer! Fantastic! My new Tonk kitten is so nuts about DaBird that I have to hide it when we’re not playing together. Best toy ever!

  3. Apparently Stefan likes being part of the younger set. I’ve read that feral cats love to replay a childhood they never had once they’re in a safehaven.

  4. Who’s the brown tabby in the background of the lower half of those shots? Corbie?

  5. People who don’t have “da bird” and a half dozen or more kittens/cats — ranging from lithe 4-pounders who can almost fly to 16-pound lunks who sometimes forget they will fall back to earth — really don’t know what they are missing in life. But you are letting them see a glimpse!

  6. It looks like Marshall is valiantly catching Mooch (who’s fallen from a tree, or a high-rise cat condo).

    “Did you ever know that you’re my heeeero…” πŸ™‚

  7. I had to look at every one of these in Flickr, so I could see all the action. Great pictures! My favorite is the one with Mooch in mid air, looking at the camera. “How’d I get here?” He has such an expressive little face!