8-5-09 – New fosters!

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Yesterday morning, I hit the ground running. I changed the sheets on both our beds, I washed the sheets and hung them out, I vacuumed the house, I canned green beans and pickled jalapeno slices for Fred.

But really, I was just waiting for the call, and late morning, I got it…

2009-08-05 (2)

2009-08-05 (4)

2009-08-05 (3)

2009-08-05 (10)

2009-08-05 (8)

2009-08-05 (7)

2009-08-05 (6)

2009-08-05 (5)

There are six of them – five boys, one girl. One black, five brown tabbies. They are pitiful little things with super-goopy eyes. I’m hitting them up several times a day with ointment in their eyes, and though I’ve had them less than a day, I can already see improvement in their eyes.

They’re not super friendly, but a couple of them have let me rub their bellies. It’s funny – when I’m in the room with them they’ll occasionally come by and allow me to pet them, but for the most part they ignore me. The instant I step out of the room, though, they line up at the doorway and meow pitifully, like “Where you go? What you doing? WHY WOULD YOU ABANDON US???”

I haven’t really started thinking of names – I can’t tell them apart at this point, though there are one or two that I can recognize by sight. The largest of the litter, for one, the one with a hernia (and a white diamond on his nose) and, of course, the little black one. The other three, though, are brown tabbies who look an awful lot alike. It’ll take me a day or two to tell the difference between them, I imagine, and then I’ll be amazed that there was ever a time when I couldn’t.

It’s so nice to have babies back in the house, I can’t even begin to tell you!


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2005: Oh, yeah. He haaaates having his belly rubbed. Uh huh. Suuuure he does.



8-5-09 – New fosters! — 7 Comments

  1. Oh such dear sweet little fluffs! Just a few days under your care and they’ll no longer have super goopy eyes (or any kind of goopy)!

  2. Oh they are all adorable! I hope the goopy eyes get better quickly! Oh, and can I suggest that for the one with a diamond on his nose (if he is not the she) maybe Neil for the name (get it – Neil Diamond). Sorry, I am a bit goofy today!

  3. Oh my! Is it just the reflection of the lights, or the meds in the eyes, but does that little black one have the most crossed eyes ever?!? If so, I LOVE it! So cute!

  4. Oh, Robyn, how adorable!!! Can’t wait to get to know the little darlings! Love and scritches to the little goop-balls!! 😉

    I’ve got to ask, though… a hernia? Is this a term with which I’m not familiar or does little Mr. (or Ms.) Diamond need an extra big snorgle coming out to him (her)??

  5. Sweet little babies. I think the hernia will be a relatively easy fix for the little fluff. I have no doubt you’ll have their eyes clear and them being social butterflies in no time. Have they discovered the chair fringe yet?

  6. Dear little squinty kittens! I hope their health woes clear up quickly so they can have fun in your awesome cat playroom.
    Re: Lisa, a hernia is when there’s a split in the abdominal muscles, through which a little bulge of innards can protrude. It’s painful, so yes, gentle snorgles are in order!