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(These pictures include Mooch – they were taken before he was adopted, obviously.)

Grant, taking a bite of Gilbert.

And Gilbert, holding Marshall down (the one fang is KILLING me.)

Blaster ain’t impressed with you, Gilbert.

Having killed the Long-Legged Cheetah, Gilbert drags it…

…and drags it…

…back to his fish cave, where he chews on it for a while.

Gilbert admires Angelo’s form.

“Hi, hi! Hi Peoples of the Internet! Still lookin’ for a home! Just sayin’!”

Mooch and Blaster, simply amazed.

Such a sweet boy. When you reach down to pet him, he arches his back upward to meet your hand. And he’s got a LOUD purr.

Gorgeous Angelo. He sure does get along well with those babies!


It’s a rough life for a Dennis.

Isn’t he just the smuggest boy you ever did see?


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8-4-14 — 12 Comments

  1. An excellent start to the day — thanks. And 2011 closes with the most gorgeous picture ever of Stinkerbelle.

  2. DENNIS!!!! Oh how I have missed seeing you!!!! MUAH!!

    Gilbert and the cheetah…that is adorable!!!

    • We ended up not doing much at all with it! I threw it in spaghetti sauces and chili, but it was kind of chewy and neither of us was crazy about it, so I’m pretty sure the compost bucket got most of it.

  3. I love how kittens drag their ‘kills’ like their big cat cousins.

    One of my kittens used to drag her kleenix ‘kils’ around the house, her tail straight up, she was so proud.

    Blastr’s beauty shot is just adorable. What a love.

    • One of my kitties drags her knitted ‘kills’ (samples I’ve knitted, such as unused granny squares), upstairs to the floor by my side of the bed. The other night she announced her ‘kill’ to us quite persistently. Gotta love ’em.

  4. McGruff the Crime Dog says: “How do you take a bite outta crime? Take a bite outta Gilbert! Ruff!”

  5. Lily has a stuffed gingerbread man that she regularly “kills”. We joke that he has two states: dead Ginge and undead Ginge. Sometimes if I find dead Ginge (face down) and she sees me flip him over, she’ll come over, scold me, and flip him back over.