8-4-05 – Rambo & Jodie

So, I went out to the shelter yesterday to drop off the last of the donations made in Mia’s memory. I sat and chatted with the shelter manager, and held and snuggled a tiny little white blue-eyed kitten named Timon. I looked around the area where there are usually quite a few small kittens in cages (if they haven’t been tested yet, they’re kept in big cages and let out a few times a day to run around and play), but the cages were all empty.

“It cleared out, huh?” I said.

“Yeah, but we’re getting ready to fill back up,” she said. She took at least two calls while I was there from people who had found small kittens that they couldn’t keep.

“Well,” I said. “I’m back, so if you need foster care…”

Meet Jodie and Rambo.



They came pre-named, by the way. Despite their resemblance to each other, they’re not siblings. Jodie was born on 6/11 and Rambo was born on 6/9. They’re both incredibly friendly, very happy to be held, and they purr REALLY loudly. Jodie, especially, likes to have her tummy rubbed. I haven’t gotten a good picture of her belly yet, but it’s gray, with dark gray spots. Very, very cute, both of them. Rambo’s quite the character and likes to beat up on Jodie. She holds her own quite well, though.

It’s a little easier getting in and out of the room with only two kittens rather than the five we had before, I’ll tell you that. Rambo did get out of the room this morning when I opened the door, and the spud chased him down. He’s FAST for a little kitten, though maybe he was moving a little faster than he’d wanted to, since Mister Boogers was right behind him with his nose up his butt.

They both weigh just about a pound each, so they’ll probably be here for about a month. They’re healthy and bright-eyed and friendly, so I think we’re going to have a good time with them.


Doesn’t Mister Boogers look thrilled that he has to share the chair with Spanky?

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