8-4-10 – The Bookworms.

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Someone asked yesterday how much longer the Bookworms will be around. The short answer: I don’t know.

The long answer: Not only were Garrity and Franco returned to the adoption center last Friday (two college roommates adopted them, then discovered that one of them has allergies), but Lieu was returned on Saturday (the woman who adopted him lost her cat three years ago and once she got him home decided that she wasn’t emotionally ready for another cat yet.) Garrity was adopted again before the end of adoption hours Saturday, which leaves Lieu and Franco still looking for their forever homes.

None of Los Gatitos have been adopted yet. I KNOW, I DON’T GET IT EITHER. I thought for sure I’d be fighting off potential adopters on my way from the car to the adoption center when I took them in.

And my fosters aren’t the only fosters in line for adoption, so it’s going to depend on how adoptions go and when room opens up at the adoption center. In other words, if adoptions pick up it could be soon – and if they stay this slow, it could be a while. These goofy Bookworms with their ridiculously long and lanky legs crack me up, and obviously they’re welcome to stay here as long as they need to, ’til room opens up.

But just in case they need to go soon, Elwood will make sure that Bolitar is shined up and ready to go.



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8-4-10 – The Bookworms. — 10 Comments

  1. Tough luck for the previous adoptees. Here’s hoping they all find permanent homes soonest.

    What will you do if the Bookworms leave and Jake & Elwood are terribly, terribly sad?

  2. I think a tooth just leaped out of my head, that was so sweeeeet! I love the crazy uncles Elwood and Jake.

  3. Doodle Bean: I’ll placate them with other fosters, of course. 🙂 I’d like to think that they’ve gotten used to fosters coming and going, but of course we’ve never had fosters as long as we’ve had the Bookworms. I’m sad at the idea of them leaving, and I know why they’re going – I wish I could explain it to Jake and Elwood, who have practically helped raise them and will no doubt miss them.

  4. Y’know, if it wasn’t for the fact that our old lady cat would NEVER forgive me if we adopted her ANOTHER tabby and white little brother, I’d be in the market for Bolitar. His markings are so cute on his nose and the other boys are all so gorgeous too. I remember our tabby/white boy at that lanky teenage phase; he’s a hulking great (almost) tom cat now. Oh, and there’s the small detail of the Atlantic Ocean in the way…can any of those boys swim? would you let them hitchhike? OK, maybe it’s not to be….sigh….

  5. Oh that stinks that Lieu got returned too. I just can’t imagine doing that – returning a kitty.

    And I really can’t believe that Los Gatitos are still there – they are so adorable too.

    I am crossing my fingers that they all find good forever homes soon!

  6. Maybe adoptions are down right now due to so many people taking vacations. As soon as summer is over people will be standing in line to snatch up those fabulous kitties!!!

  7. These pics are so adorable! Are Jake and Elwood kind of your Charlene Butterbeans?

  8. Oh my goodness! Poor Garrity, Franco and Lieu!! Poor babies! I’m so glad that Garrity got adopted but this time I hope, hope, hope it’s a forever home! Aww and the Los Gatitos – those beautiful babies!! I wish to all the heavens I could have them – I hope they all find forever homes.

    Please hang on the Bookworms until whenever – they are thriving with you and I can’t bear the thought of them being adopted then returned then adopted…

    Oh and look how lovely Elwood is making Bolitar all shiny and pristine! Awwww!

    Take care