8-12-16 Friday

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In Cincinnati, a cheetah named Willow had five cubs a few months ago. Unfortunately, she and two of the cubs didn’t make it. One of her daughters was named in her honor.

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They are so SWEET! I need to foster a litter of cheetahs, don’t I?


How would you describe Joe Bob? I’ve got a little girl here that is the same grey & white as he. Dilute tuxie maybe?

I always just call him a gray and white tuxie, but I’m open to correction!


Hey Robyn, quick heads-up on those collapsible cubes. I had one and had a kitten LOVELOVELOVE it — she’d dive into it and roll like a tumbleweed across the floor (funniest thing EVER). Unfortunately, they don’t stand up to that kind of abuse well and will fray into little strings. When it starts doing that, take it away. I didn’t and ended up with a kitten with a strangled foot that I had to rush to the emergency vet to cut her free. Not a fun come home from work.

Thanks for the tip! That would be a terrible thing to find, I will definitely keep an eye on the cube. It’s actually holding together pretty well, but it’s kind of crooked and won’t even stay up when I pop it up, so they’ve lost interest, OF COURSE.


I just love your suggestion that all five kittens would make the perfect starter set! It reminds me of one of my favorite memes.

#Hemlock is just the best, and I’m so happy to see that #Privet is integrating well with the others. I was worried when they first met her that they’d never get along.

The good thing about throwing them together while they’re still young is that their curiosity eventually overrides their initial reaction. At this point, I suspect that all five of them think they’ve always been together. Juniper and Privet were super hissy at each other for about two days, but now they’re good friends and can often be found snuggling up together. They all play together, and the older four put up with a lot of bratty behavior from Hemlock.


Robyn-I am not sure if you’ve mentioned this before (too lazeeee to look) but along with adoption applications, what is the usual fee for the kittens?

It’s $125 (usually $150, but there’s a special contributor who donates $25 to Challenger’s House per each cat or kitten adopted). Cats over 5 years old are $100.


Spruce, showing off his scratcher-usin’ skills.

Watching the birds out the window. Yes, he has a little shaved patch on his belly – when they neutered him, they also tattooed him with a little green line to show that he’d been neutered. That little shaved patch is sooooo soft.

Privet’s all “What, lady? What you WANT?”

Cypress. Isn’t he just the prettiest boy?

Spruce, checking out the weather.

Cypress, sticking out his tongue.

The boys, before they went off to Petsmart last night.

You can’t tell from this picture, but Hemlock is sitting on my knee, watching the other kittens race around.

Showing off his perfectly applied eyeliner.

Spruce admires himself.

And Cypress admires HIMself.

Brudders (Spruce left, Cypress right).

Spruce and Cypress are now at Petsmart. Despite my hopes, they weren’t adopted last night – though honestly, I didn’t really expect that they would be. They were both scared – kittens always are when they first get to Petsmart – but I know that in a few days, they’ll adjust to their new surroundings and schedule. (Hopefully they’ll only have a few days to adapt, I hope they’re adopted before they get too comfortable!)

Fingers crossed for those sweet boys.


Alice Mo loves it when I tell her what a pretty girl she is.

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  1. Like Alice, my ginger girl likes to be called Pretty Girl. She’ll answer to Laoise and her varying nicknames with a glance or an ear flick. But call Pretty Girl, and she’ll come right to you.

  2. Hoping that those handsome, sweet boys will adjust rapidly and find their family/families soonest. Let’s put out heads together and wish deeply for an adoption-filled world there, here, and everywhere.

  3. Oh my, those poor employees at the Cincinnati Zoo. Their jobs must just suck. Horrible. Each day, they must go home and just be thankful that the day is over with…and dread that next morning when they HAVE TO get up and go play with the cheetah babies. Rough life….

    Right now, at our shelter, all pets are free. Even the city licensing fee is waived. Normally, it is only $20 (city licensing fee). BOGO on kittens. Puppies can be $50-ish. When people come to get the “free” pets, we kindly remind them that no pet is free…and we start listing the supplies that need to be purchased, remind them about vet visits etc. If you can’t afford the $20, you should reconsider getting a pet. I truly mean that statement kindly.

    Oh Alice, you are so beautiful!!

  4. Buy, the kids are getting tatted up so early these days. Already running in a gang and tatted up. And, I bet, skipping school.

  5. Wow, Hemlock looks so good. Amazing what a couple weeks of good food and water and caring treatment will do for a little guy.

  6. our cube will stay up, but is mostly flat since certain kittens jump on it. makes you wonder why we bother sometimes….

    they tattoo the boys?? around here the girls are but the boys fall into the category of “got ’em or don’t got ’em”

    • I totally agree on this, even if they might be crypto I imagine most vets would wait to see if hormones are an issue.

      Edited to throw in: but then again, people are dumb.. and they might require a tattoo to feel better that the animal is neutered