8-13-16 Then and Now

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I was looking through one of the many folders on my desktop, and realized that I’d never shared any pictures or video of Privet that Fred (and the game cam) took before he captured her and brought her inside. And I thought y’all might like to see then-and-now pictures of Hemlock and Juniper, too.

It’s terribly blurry, but there she is at the feeding station across the driveway from the house. Fred took this picture through the window.

You can barely see her – this is her, sitting in the privet near the fence to the blue coop yard. Just off-camera was the trap, which she’d been dancing in and out of all day long.

Here’s game cam video of her hanging out with Stefan, eating at the feeding station, and slipping through the tiny crack into the tractor shed. Of course the game cam died before Fred put the trap out and (eventually) caught her, but I thought this was interesting anyway.

YouTube link

That was then – this is now. I think she’s decided this “inside” business isn’t so bad.

Silly girl.

And here’s Hemlock the day I brought him home.

Sad little mess.

And now!

Smug little brat.

Juniper, the day I brought her (and Spruce and Cypress) home.

Scared, hiding under the scratcher.

And now.

“What up, lady? You got treats?”

Yesterday morning we put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs and let the kittens out of the foster room. They were freaked out at first, but then they started exploring. At one point, Hemlock came to the bottom of the stairs, and when he saw me, he started rolling around and purring. A little later, Juniper got to the bottom of the stairs and started crying. I think she got down there, and couldn’t remember how to get back to safety (the foster room.) I opened the door to pick her up, and she SHOT through the door into my room, climbed up onto the cat tree in there, and then started walking along the windowsill, her tail floofed out. I finally got hold of her and took her upstairs, and she ran into the foster room and hid for a few minutes before she came back out to explore.

Both Hemlock and Juniper napped with me yesterday afternoon. Privet came up on the bed to check things out a few times, but she had things to do. I expect another few days, I’ll be covered with all three kittens at nap time!


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  1. Here we’ve been giving Fred all the credit for bringing Privet inside, but I’m thinking maybe Stefan had a hand in it, too1