8-13-15 Thursday

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“Wahhhh! I’m da BAYBEE, and I have a BANDAGE on my LEG, and I shouldn’t have to walk anywhere, you should carry me wherever I want to go!”


Zuke is all tongue and claws in this picture. Well, he’s rocking a fivehead, too, while he’s at it.

“I am but a wee baby, and she is SQUOOSHING ME!”

“Please, madame, may I have another syringe of gooshy food? No, I don’t want to eat it off a plate myself, I want YOU to put it in my mouth. I am but a wee BAYBEE.”

“Lady, I need to shred your hands a little more, if you don’t mind. It’s in my job description.” (They actually had their claws trimmed at the vet the other day, but my hands are such a mess with all the scratching kittens, constant hand washing, and constant dish washing that even scratches from their trimmed claws hurt right now.)

Zuke needs a hug, please.


That is a super judgemental look from Phelps, isn’t it?

Spitz has such a serious little face!

Louganis considers his next move.

Yesterday I started the Swimmers on canned food along with their bottle. I think it went well.

They may have worn more than went into their mouths, but they seemed to like the canned food (mixed with formula) quite a bit.



Jake’s having some snuggle time with his catnip kicker. Please go away.

Speaking of Jake, I made this video back before Carlin and Skelton left us. I was hanging out in the kitchen with the kittens, and Jake strolled in with a toy in his mouth. Silly boy.

YouTube link.


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8-13-15 Thursday — 23 Comments

  1. Yeah, I’d say that went swimmingly (see what I did there?!!). Lol, Spitz… I love Louganis’ blue eyes next to his dark fur.

    Carrying Pattypan around all day…where do I sign up?

  2. *snerk* Babykittehs learning to eat are always a mess XD But they’re such cute messes.

  3. Did not know what “fivehead” meant. Google of great help with images now burned into brain…not ones of cute kittens.

  4. Spitz is looking at that other kitten’s butt with a great deal of trepidation. The climbing Zuke picture is absolutely heart-melting. As if I didn’t already have a crush on him and his big ol’ lemon head. Love the Loon. Please pass on some skritches to all of them for me.

  5. Jake is just the cutest. Such a loon. So happy all the time.

    Maybe I missed it, but have the Swimmers met the Squash Bugs yet? I so very much want to see a tiny kitten scrum! (Also, I love that the Squashes’ {sp?} ears have popped while the Swimmers’ haven’t!)

  6. OMG-Spitz’ last picture is just keeling meee!!
    and Jake carrying his toy reminds me of my own Oreo. She carries toys and cries (I believe it is called keening). That is the only time she is “noisy”.

  7. That last pic of the swimmers “MOAR” kills me dead. I saw that on Facebook last night and was thinking about it on the way to work this morning laughing. So dang cute.

  8. I so adore Jake. Even his non-looney moments.

    Those swimmers, I guess this is when their mom would swoop in and lick them clean. Robyn on the other hand, takes photos to embarrass them later in their adolesense before cleaning them off. BTW, i have a feeling that Louganis is going to have GQ cheekbones when he grows up.

    Seriously though, why are these guys so judgemental? Torres especially seems just offended at the whole situation. Of course that makes me want to pick them up and snorgle them just to annoy them further.

    The Squash Bugs on the other hand are using their wiles, bandages and youth to get what they want. Be it hugs, kisses, bottles, etc. Seriously, could Ambercup and Calabash be cuter? Could Zuke not crawl into our hearts with every pic?

  9. Jake! Jake! Jake! Jake!! This is the official Jake fan club here loving that video! Love his sweet voice!! Love him carrying a toy!
    Love me some J. A. K. E.!!!!
    Ok, I’ll calm down now.. Deep breath.

    Those kittens, both groups, are so adorable! And is there anything cuter than kittens post-dinner with messy faces looking right at you? The ear weighed down in “Moah” is impossibly cute!

    • I think the Swimmers should be called the Water Bugs. But no matter what their name…they are dangerously CUTE!

  10. That Jake video got me thinking about which of the Permanent Residents might be considered the “smartest”. Jake doesn’t look like much is going on in his head there…