8-9-16 Tuesday

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Breakfast time isn’t always an orderly affair.

Juniper and Privet from above.

Hemlock and Juniper from above.

Cypress from above.

That Bergan Turbo Track has been a BIG hit with these kittens.

“You gonna pick me up or what, lady?”

Privet’s favorite place to hang out. Sometimes she drapes one paw across the track to stop the ball from getting through.

Privet and the bunny paws, while Hemlock looks on.

Juniper, hanging out. Isn’t she beyooootiful?

Juniper, Spruce and Cypress are off to be spayed/neutered, id-chipped, and rabies-shotted this morning. Hemlock and Privet will have the room to themselves for the better part of the day – I’m sure they won’t have ANY idea what’s going on!

Thursday evening, Cypress and Spruce will be headed off to Petsmart. If one of them is adopted, I’ll take Juniper down to keep the left-behind boy company. If (as I’d love to happen!) they’re adopted together, I’ll keep Juniper here and send her to Petsmart with Hemlock and Privet in two weeks.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re interested in adopting any (or all! I think all five would make a fine starter set for any home!) of these kittens, let me know and I’ll send you an application.


I made a video the other day of breakfast time in the foster room. And then I sped it up so that 7 minutes is compressed into a 10 second video. It’s a little shaky, because instead of using a tripod for the camera, as a normal person might do, I just stood there and held the camera. Speeding it up made it look even shakier. Now I know better for next time!

YouTube link


Sheriff Mama (Kara) is stomping over to tell you what’s what. She’s got that ticket-writing look on her face!


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8-9-16 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. Little Hemlock will certainly not starve because he gets pushed around by the big cats! Good on ya!

    Just ship me Privet!

    Five is a good starter kit. I had four and realized that you are supposed to have things in odd numbers. WHAT was I thinking…???? So, tomorrow, I officially get my 5!!!

    Hello, Mama! You have the cutest face. I mean, you have the cutest face, Ma’am!

      • THANK YOU!!! I felt so guilty dropping her off at the shelter for her spay. They keep her overnight and will actually spay her today. She was scared…I felt terrible!

        • Awww, but you know she’ll forgive as soon as she is home with you and starting her new life!!

  2. WTG GD!

    Robyn-I am not sure if you’ve mentioned this before (too lazeeee to look) but along with adoption applications, what is the usual fee for the kittens?

  3. Please tell me Hemlock is on the Permanent Resident list?!? He is so freakin’ adorable!

  4. I just love your suggestion that all five kittens would make the perfect starter set! It reminds me of one of my favorite memes:

    #Hemlock is just the best, and I’m so happy to see that #Privet is integrating well with the others. I was worried when they first met her that they’d never get along.