8-8-16 Monday

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When Uncle Stefan came avisitin’.

Spruce was all “Hi, hi! Hi Uncle Stefan, I wanna be your best friend! ::sniff::sniff::sniff::SNIFF::”
And Uncle Stefan said “Kid, you need to back off that sniffing stuff. I’ve got some food to check out, and then I’ll be with you.”

So Spruce watched and waited.

Hemlock skulked close to Stefan and saw him in mid-chew, and decided he’d back off, too.

Hemlock reflected upon his lot in life.

Since Stefan was done eating, Spruce figured it was safe to approach.
“Hi, Uncle Stefan! Hi!”
“Kid, you are very enthusiastic.”

“Rawr,” said Stefan, and Juniper was all “WHAT THE WHAT IS THAT?!”

She donned her Stranger Danger Suit and regarded the stranger.

She regarded him a LOT.

Then there was a feather teaser.

“Wow,” thought Hemlock. “This guy is good!”

And then Stefan just chilled.


A video of playtime with Uncle Stefan!

YouTube link


In the midst of her mid-day dirt bath, Maxi realized she had company.



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8-8-16 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. I think the humans were having just as much fun as Stefan! And young Hemlock’s hero-worship is so adorable. Here’s hoping those floof suits will be at the dry cleaner the next time a grown-up gets to visit. And Maxi’s dust-bathing routine never gets old: such a pretty girl.

  2. I love Uncle Stefan’s casual chomp on Hemlock’s tail, and all the dramatic floofing and hissing.

  3. Watching the latest on the kittens and Sefan relationship goes well with my morning coffee!!

  4. Uncle Stefan is awesome. He’s the cool uncle all the kids want to sit next to at the dinner table.