8-8-15 Saturday

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I had a busy day yesterday, and didn’t get a chance to put together a Weekly Roundup post (it takes longer to get that done than you’d expect).

But I wouldn’t want you to miss this utterly adorable picture; hopefully it’ll tide you over ’til Monday!

“Lady, why you do me like this?” #Calabash (Pattypan needed a trip to the vet to have her leg checked, so the other three got to join in as travel buddies! Pattypan’s leg seems to be coming along okay, is the vet’s opinion, so I’m going to stop worrying so much. Or at least try!)


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8-8-15 Saturday — 4 Comments

  1. Awwww…. Must’ve been hard not taking her right back out and smothering her in kisses.

  2. Oh my. Doesn’t it kill you when they look like that and you cannot explain why you are doing what you are doing? The guilt I would feel.

  3. Let’s not forget the main thing here. so can Pattypan drop the compresses and bandages?