8-10-17 Thursday

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Renee says:

I was wondering if I might petition for your assistance. I am participating in a global scavenger hunt – Gishwhes. It is a bit of insanity mixed with creativity. Some of the items are designed to help others, including animals and wildlife, and others are just designed for fun and to get people socializing with others. One of the items is to get 400 responses on a survey regarding how you brush your teeth. The survey needs to be completed by Friday evening.

This is a link to my survey if you would be willing to ask your followers to complete it for me – it only takes 1 or 2 minutes tops.

And just for the obligatory kitty pic, I’ve attached one that you can feel free to include – kitty’s name is Grayson.

If you guys wouldn’t mind taking that survey, it’ll take you three clicks – it took me about 10 seconds to do. Click-click-click and you’re done. Couldn’t be any easier!


When I went to bed Tuesday night, Mercury was looking at me like this.

(This might be my favorite picture of her. She is SO gorgeous!)

“You run along now, human. No babies here!”

I checked on her a couple of times after Fred went to bed, and checked the last time a little after midnight. She was fine, she was sacked out in the middle of the floor, sound asleep. So I felt safe in going to bed. Because I had tossed and turned the night before, I fell asleep hard and woke about 4:30 with a start. I went up to check on her, intending to make it a quick peek before I went to bed, and she was all…

“Good morning, SUCKER.”

She had gone into the crate and dug around in the bedding so that the washable pee pad was upside down under her, and she gave birth to those kittens on pad, in the back of the crate, somehow not getting one single drop of blood on the baby blanket.

I did a quick look and count, came up with five kittens, and pretty much left her alone, peeking in on her every 15 or 20 minutes. When the sun was up and Fred wasn’t busy, we went in to change out the bedding. Fred got the kittens out and coaxed Mercury out, and I quickly changed out the pad and the blanket. And that’s when I realized we had six kittens, not five. The sixth must have been hiding behind her or under her tail, is all I can guess. The kittens were all dry and goop-free, so I’m pretty confident that she didn’t birth one last kitten in between visits from me.

I feel like this might be around the time the reality of the situation hit her.

Oh, the STRIPES.

So Fred took a peek yesterday afternoon and we believe we’ve got three girls and three boys. Pardon these pictures, because they aren’t the best, but they should give you the basic idea.

Brown tabby boy.

Brown tabby and white girl.

Brown tabby boy.

Girl. I can’t quite decide – she mostly looks like a white and black “cow kitty”, but she’s got some brown around her ears, and a striped tail, so… I guess we’ll see.

Brown tabby girl.

Brown tabby and white boy.

Y’all, these kittens are the MOST chill kittens ever. I picked them up, I handled them, I gave them quick little kisses, and not a scream was heard. There were a few polite little “Lady, if y’don’t mind?” noises, but other than that, they just wiggled around and let me do whatever. They must get their chillitude from their mama.

Are we going to have fun with these babies? Why, yes. I think we are!

Under Mercury’s foot.

Left alone for a moment while Mercury went to eat.

Kitten as fashion accessory.

Belly up to the milk bar, kids.

Pile o’ cute.

“Oh dear lord.”

“Hold up, my dear lady. Can you direct me to the nearest milk bar? I’m parched!”


Video! Newborn kittens at the milk bar (with some gratuitous violence near the end).

YouTube link


Oh, my Dennis. Isn’t that boy GORGEOUS?


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8-10-17 Thursday — 23 Comments

  1. thank you for this! I needed a baby kitty pick me up this morning.
    I live in a lovely neighbourhood in Dartmouth NS, Canada, just around the block from where I lived as a child actually. We have a pond across the street which is home to ducks and geese. The 9 very large geese are a fixture and when they go waddling to the next park for grassy munchies, they use the crosswalk, wait for all the cars to stop and proceed. Last night my next door neighbour was out with her 2 little girls and some impatient driver sped up and plowed through them!
    one died instantly, one had to be put down at the vets and one is recovering at a Wildlife rehab place that boards them in the winter. my neighbour told me that the driver stopped, moved one of the geese to the grass then when the police arrived 10 mins later, he sped off again.
    I went out this morning on garbage day and there were the 6 remaining geese standing vigil on their little island in the middle of the pond.
    people suck

        • When I hear of stuff like this, I just think that somewhere the Karma bus is gassing up. I just don’t understand how people can hurt animals. Thank goodness for people like Robyn and Fred, who must have Karma points galore!

    • That’s horrifying. I saw almost the same thing where I live (Maryland). We also have lots of geese that travel back and forth across the road to different small ponds, and I saw a “lady” (I use that term loosely!) in an SUV deliberately swerve her car so that she could hit one of the geese. I was so angry and upset, I burst into tears immediately. It was such an evil thing to do. People suck, indeed

  2. Those pink lips, nose, and toes in the pic under Mercury’s foot have killed me dead.

  3. Mercury is an experienced mama, that’s for sure. And I laughed at the tiny milk bar brawl going on at the end of the video! I don’t know if these kittens will be that chillax once they get moving! 😀

  4. I agree, those peenk lips and noses are ridiculously cute.

    I’m struck by those tails. Those seem very long for 1 day old kittens. No stubby candy corn tails!

  5. I realize this isn’t exactly an original comment, but Melody is GORGEOUS! Her eyes are not only huge but just mesmerizing, and she has such stunning eyeliner! If any of her babies end up looking anything like her, they’re going to be beauties indeed!

  6. Well if they aren’t just the most squee-worthy kittens ever!? LOVE them already. Mercury is a stunning picture too! I can’t wait to hear their names.

    BTW, I would love to see the results of that survey. It was very interesting to think about.

  7. Oh, those little heads and ears! All that tusslin’, and Mama Mercury is still pretty chill about it. I love her eyeliner… I’m very happy to read that she had a drama-free birth.

    I agree, this may not be her first?

    And Dennis is a handsome boy alright!

  8. Mama Mercury is gorgeous, I love her enormous eyes. That photo of Brown Tabby Girl’s little face cracked me up this morning! She looks like she just got done grumping, ” Humph, well isn’t this a fine pickle.” Too cute!

  9. You will have your hands full with 6 babies. Just call if you need extra help when it is time for socialization lessons.

  10. I think the acceptance of kisses without screaming on their very first day is an excellent sign. And very good training on your part – start them early and often 🙂