8-9-17 Wednesday

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Edited to add: babies are here, she had them some time after midnight while I was sleeping! Five of them, wiggly and healthy! (They appear to all be varieties of brown tabby and white.)

Edited again to add: Six. There are six. We had a miscount situation.



Ressler at rest.

And hanging out on the cat tree.

Gaston needs a kiss.

But first, a leap!

I wish this was clearer, but I’m glad I finally got him in mid-leap.

“Why you sittin’ on the floor, weird lady?”

Gaston in the sun.

LOVE the whiskers!


No kittens yet – but soon! Maybe. Or maybe not. Who knows?


She’s sleeping a lot.

When I’m not in there to harass and annoy her, that is.

“Oh, lady. Don’t you know that the more you bug me, the longer I’ll take to birth ’em?”


Reasons I think she’ll have those kittens today: because I want them.

Reasons I think she won’t: because cat.

Fred said last night that he thinks she’s got another week. You know, ever since he predicted that Maggie would have her kittens on the day she had them, he thinks he’s an expert cat labor predictor. I hope he’s WRONG and that we have kittens long before a week is up!


Video! Watching Mercury’s belly. There’s some definite movement, but we haven’t reach alien level yet. Also, a short clip of her waddle at the end, which I slowed down so y’all can see the full effect.

YouTube link


Stefan would like me to wake him up when the kittens are ready for torturing.


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8-9-17 Wednesday — 23 Comments

  1. Furray for babies! It looks like there’s one calico in the mix…?

    Mama Mercury: Will the naming theme be planets? Roman deities? Cars?

    • According to Robyn and comments thread the other day, it’ll be NASA missions and projects. Gemini, Apollo, Juno, Hubble. etc.

  2. Add GRAVITY and that photo, to reasons she had them today!! We are dealing with NASA here… So excited to meet the babies!! Love this mama!!

  3. Wow! I’m so glad for Mercury; glad, too, you’ve slo-mo’d her waddle, which I’m saving for later today! And thank heaven you got the classic standing-up did-you-have-to-show-my-belly photo.

    • Fred “holding the mama to show how big she is” is one of your classics! Thank you for the vid of her walking; that was exactly what I was asking for! (“Shift that load from side to side, mamacat!”) Looking forward to the namings and introductions of the wee ones. Mercury has enormous eyes!

  4. Aw, hi little Space Cadets (my name until told otherwise!)!! Look at that little face peeking out in that last photo of them… Have you been able to change out the bedding yet?

    Gaston’s tum-tum certainly didn’t slow his jump down.

  5. Mercury’s striped leggings are fantastic! And Gaston suspended in flight makes it look completely effortless.

  6. Oh good and yay on wiggly and healthy babies! Glad she gets relief sooner rather than later.

  7. Oh yay!!!!! Mission accomplished!! 😉 But it happened so fast that you didn’t get a chance to use all the cliche space lingo I was hoping you would pull out for us over the next several days.

    • You mean like poor Mercury being so round anb big that she was developing her own gravity field?

  8. Mercury looks like a good Mom already! And I know that you did not miss the drama and anxiety of a birth, clearly she didn’t need you either by that look she gave you.

    If you’re not sure about the NASA theme, and it sounds like a lock, there’s also the stars of Mercury Records:

    Max Roach, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Quincy Jones, Buddy Rich, Charles Mingus, Donna Summer, Bon Jovi, John Cougar Mellencamp, Kurtis Blow, Tears for Fears, Cinderella, or Tori Amos

    BTW, Ressler reminds me of a young, buff Archie back in his cheesecake days, back before his bad boy/snooze all day phase.

  9. Houston, the Eagle has landed. So happy you got her moved to her docking station before she dropped her cargo.

  10. Wonderful kitten news – I am so looking forward to watching these babies grow! And seeing lots more of beautiful mama Mercury as she copes with them!

  11. Oh – it’s a bit late to note this today, but check out the posts from five and ten years ago…

    FIVE years ago today, we met TONYrockyhorrorPICKLE!

    and TEN years ago today, Robyn said they were not keeping Maryanne, who had other ideas and became the beloved Stinkerbelle!