8-8-17 Tuesday

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Ressler, staring into the handheld light (I was trying to shed some light on that gorgeous boy) and holding down a stack of papers.

Gaston, having Deep Thoughts. Or maybe Sleepy Thoughts.

And Gaston, sound asleep.

Ressler hanging out with Uncle Stefan.

Wahhh. I wonder if you’ve heard any rumors about who da BAYbee is?

Sweet little Ressler.

Keeping an eye on me (I was trying to get him to jump over to the bed so I could get some jumping pictures. He was acting like he had no idea what I wanted him to do.)


Teresa and I decided yesterday that it made more sense for Mercury to come to me before she had her babies rather than after, so I scrubbed down the foster room, got it all set up for her, and then went to get her.

Oh, this girl. You guys, she is the SWEETEST. She sat in her carrier in the front seat next to me and all the way home she was so calm and curious, looked around, snoozed a little, and looked some more. She is so chill!

She is also huuuge.

She checked out the crate a few times.

She tried to figure out why I kept pointing my phone at her.

Her belly is about the size of that 25 pound weight! (Okay, maybe not QUITE. But that’s a big belly!)

Checking her eyeliner.

I swear she looks to me as though she’ll be dropping those kittens at any moment. Fred, on the other hand, says that since her belly isn’t constantly moving, it’ll be at least a few days and that there’s some growing still to be done. Poor Mercury; I’m not sure how much more than belly can grow!

PS: In case you missed it in the comments yesterday, Mercury and her kittens will be named after NASA missions & projects. Teresa’s got a list of pre-approved names and she’ll be naming the kittens once they’re born.


Who oh who do you imagine was the recipient of that Alice Mo Look o’ Love?

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8-8-17 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. In that first picture it looks like she just pulled on a pair of high waisted tabby pants over her white shirt. lol.

  2. Hope Ms. Mercury will have her babies soon. That belly does not look like it’s easy to schlep around. Nice to see Alice Mo the Calico too. *boops her nose freckle*

  3. Oh man, that is one big batch o’ kittens! What a pretty mama she is; I bet her kittens will be cute as can be!

  4. Mercury’s crate picture reminds me of a similar one where sweet Khaleesi was counting kittens for the umpteenth time and still coming up with an extra! 😉

  5. She likes that crate now, but when her time comes, you KNOW she won’t pick any place that’s convenient, soft and easily accessible.

    Mom’s are funny that way.

    Ressler and Stefan seem to be getting kind of bonded there.

  6. Oh dear lawd, that poor gorgeous baby is going to give birth to a beachball. Then she will have to FEED that beachball. 🙁 Here’s hoping her Forever Home is prepared to spoil her so very very rotten because she will have EARNED IT!!!

  7. I would love a “paper weight” of the first photo of Mama. That is so funny. She must be very uncomfortable to lug all that weight around !

    • Robyn, we NEED you to get a vid of Mercury walking while she’s still gravid, so we can see what walking in that condition entails! I imagine her rolling from side to side as she moves.

  8. The Sweet little Ressler picture looks like he has a bit of the loon going on there. 🙂