8-7-17 Monday

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Last Friday, I got to see two former fosters. Let’s see if you recognize them!

That is Andre and Bella, formerly Andouille and Beignet. I got to see and visit with them, and you guyyyys. They are SO GORGEOUS. Pictures don’t do them justice!

That said – I didn’t actually get many pictures of them because I wasn’t thinking, and didn’t bring my camera with me. Also, I was pretty busy staring adoringly at them that even with my phone, I didn’t take many pictures ’til I was getting ready to leave. Next time I’ll do better!

(Of course, in the meantime you can check ’em out on Facebook at Kitty Kisses!)

Andre and Bella (and Kay!) actually greeted me at the door. Which is an unusual experience for me, because in my house when the cats see someone coming to the door, they vamoose. But Andre and Bella were total greeters, checked me out, let me pet them, and I even picked Andre up. Then I got to watch them play for a while, occasionally petting and picking them up for snuggles, and oh! Those two are just so darn pretty.

Look at those spots and stripes and that tail!

Look at that tail and those spots!

“Um, lady, where are my earses?”



Thank you, Kay, for letting me visit, it was lovely to see them (and you!)


In case you missed it on Facebook/Instagram Saturday or in yesterday’s post, this happened:

This left Mrs. Potts in her cage alone, so while I was dithering over who to take to keep her company – and whether I should wait until the end of adoption hours just in case she got adopted too, which would require a second trip down to take another kitten to keep the left behind kitten company – Kathie told me to go ahead and bring all three of the boys, there was room for them.

Okay, then! So I took them down, put Ressler in with Mrs. Potts and Chip and Gaston in the cage next to them.

I have a bunch of pictures of the boys still to share, so expect to see them for the rest of the week.

Gaston, sound asleep on my desk.

The paw on the cheek kills me dead.

Chip at nap time. These boys really like to sleep in the most twisted-around positions.

“What you want, lady?” I just love Ressler’s big round eyes.

Chip to the left of me.

Gaston to the right.

Ressler making it impossible to use the mouse (or possibly trying to use the mouse with his big ol’ clodhopper of a foot.)

This was going to be a picture of the boys sprawled out sleeping, but then eagle-eared Ressler heard me move to take their picture, and had to see what was going on.

Gaston, out cold.

It is super duper quiet around here without those three boys to snoopervise my every move. I’m hoping their families come along quickly and snatch ’em up!


Oh, STOP. I know what you really want to know, and I’m here to tell you that NO, there are no cats or kittens in the foster room. I didn’t sneak ’em in while you weren’t looking.


They’re currently with Teresa, who is fostering them until the end of next week, and then I’ll take possession. Meet the new fosters…

Mercury and her nipples.

YES, she is pregnant, and she should be giving birth at any moment. I mean, we thought last Sunday, when Teresa got her, that those babies would make their appearance VERY soon. And then… nope. (Does this sound at all familiar?) So there’s no way that girl is faking, but as to when she decides to actually have them, who knows? I’ve got my camera on standby, and if she goes into labor, I will zoom on over to Teresa’s. (I mean, unless she has them in the middle of the night, in which case I’ll zoom on over the next morning!)

In the meantime, Mercury is being spoiled rotten (as every pregnant kitty should be.) She is a VERY friendly snugglebug and a lap cat and SO PRETTY, as you can see. I’ve been teasing Teresa that she’d have a ridiculous number of kittens, but Brittany stopped by and gave her the once-over, and said she felt four or five kittens. I think those are good numbers and I hope she’s right!

So we’re on Kitten Watch! And while we’re waiting, I’m going to get some stuff done around here that I’ve been putting off including a lot of canning, a lot of cleaning, and maybe even a little painting (but probably not since I hate painting.)


Jake looks so dark in this picture! He was watching Ressler, Gaston and Chip, who were playing on the floor.


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  1. Ha! By the end of next week, Teresa will be absolutely sick of you coming over there all “Are there babies yet?” You know she will XD

    Mercury and her Missions! What a great name set. I’ll provide a list of the missions I know in a bit, but can I ask that we not name a kitten Challenger or Columbia? That just seems like bad juju right there.

    • Hehe… Actually, she’ll be sick of ME giving her 24 hr a day updates of NO KITTENS YET… lol… I work for NASA – Challenger & Columbia are definitely names that I/we did not want to use… Agree with you! We do have a short list ready to go that’s already run through the ‘approval chain’ – but I’m curious to see what folks think would be good names & if they match up with the ones we’ll be picking from!! Some of them should be cute!!

      • Are you just going with the Mercury missions or all NASA missions? I think Aurora would be a great name and maybe Liberty, Freedom, Sigma (Siggie?)… I know this isn’t a named mission but a kitten named Hubble would be so cute!

          • If you do that, gotta add Juno (my god what a hilarious name, my hat is off to DSN for that). James Webb maybe?

            Also Apollo and Gemini should definitely be in play.

        • Actually, that is a named mission at NASA. We just call it HST (Hubble Space Telescope). It counts as a project, so I think Hubble is fair game. πŸ™‚

          Unfortunately, a lot of the modern project names are just alphabet soup, so they don’t really lend themselves.

      • Ha! I’m also contracted to NASA but I’m at GSFC. I assume you’re at Marshall?

        • Exactly – MSFC it is! I love that Robyn has fans from Goddard – but then she has them from all over!

          • And deservedly so. πŸ™‚

            Am also thinking Discovery and Endeavour, some of the shuttles, as names.

    • I did not get the ‘missions’ at first and was scratching my head trying to figure it out. Then it clicked. I like it!

  2. Mercury and her Elements? There’s at least 90 names to pick from if you don’t include the weird radioactive ones.

    • πŸ™‚ I was thinking there were SOO many themes with the name of Mercury but strangely enough I didn’t think of that one! Good idea EAG! I did think of planets, and rock music names (as in “Freddie” Mercury), and thus Queen songs or related things.

    • Ooh, I’m adding Elements to my list of potential future names. I could probably go for several years just with element names!

  3. Well, Bella has come a long way from dragging her suitcase around! That tail is fabulous, as is Andre’s!

    Looking forward to watching Mercury and her kittens. You could name the kittens after members of the rock group Queen (Freddy Mercury, etc.). Who decides these things?

    • I like this too. Freddie had cats. Maybe we could honor him by naming these new babies after his cats. I found an article on the innernets that listed 7 of his cats and their names: Oscar, Tiffany, Jerry, Delilah, Goliath, Miko and Romeo. They are all different types and colors and patterns.

    • This time around Teresa is naming them, after NASA missions & projects. I do like the idea of naming them after Freddie Mercury’s cats, though – not least because those are great names!

  4. I’m so smart….I was staring at the header and went “Hey it’s Khaleesi” then realized there was a description over to the side. πŸ™‚

    Good luck for quick adoptions and can’t wait to meet Mercury. (I like the idea of elements….)

  5. I have to agree with Pam – Freddy as a kitten name is EPIC. Can you imagine a little kitten wrapped in a Union Jack, belting out “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!”. ‘K I’m gonna stop now.

    Agnes’ family sure are lucky to have such a beautiful girl; I always had a soft spot for the little miss! Very happy for her, and here’s to quick adoptions for the other monkeys.

  6. Aren’t Andre and Bella adorable. Turns out Kay and Bill worked at the same place I do, we have many shared acquaintances, and we work out at the same place. So I got visit the babies. They are so sweet and lovable, and it looks like their big sister is stating to come around as well. They have the best parents, and are living a pampered life filled with love.

    • They are some very lucky babies! And how neat that it turns out you and Kay and Bill have a lot in common! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, are we looking for NASA (Mercury) inspired names? John/Glenn, Gus, Wally, Deke, Gordo, Alan, Malcom, Aurora, Faith, Friendship, Liberty, Sigma, Freedom. The Astronauts and their missions. Especially John or Glenn honoring a true American Hero

    • NASA mission and project names, actually – I do like the astronaut theme, though, I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future!

  8. I so adore seeing former fosters all smug and happy.

    Andre and Bella look so pampered and frankly a little plump.

    Poor Bella, it’s miserable to be pregnant in August. Especially when you look like you’re ready to burst at the seams!

  9. For girl kitties it would fun to name them after trailblazing women at NASA like Katherine Johnson, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, Shannon Lucid, Kathryn Sullivan etc.

    • The neat bit is that NASA’s still like that. It’s the least prejudiced place I’ve ever worked.

  10. I saw Mercury’s photo over on FB and had the future foster question flit through my mind, hmmm, the foster room is empty now…kitten watch!!
    Keeping fingers crossed for forever homes for the fosters at Petsmart, too.
    Dark Jake watching the boys, bonus!

  11. When I saw “Mercury”, I thought of the Roman deities. Although, Mercury is a god, not a goddess. Anyway, there are plenty of Olympians to use for names, if so inclined.

    Girls: Juno, Ceres, Diana, Minerva, Venus, and Vesta

    Boys: Jupiter, Mars, Apollo, Vulcan, Neptune, and Bacchus