8-23-19 Friday

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Is this group of kittens especially wide-eyed looking?

Beauregard is very wide-eyed, but the rest of them seem about average-eyed to me.


Do you have to dry off with the cat beds, since your towels are all furry? Maybe that’s why you have so many cat beds??? Well, that and it’s a sickness, because they’re so cute. (Beds and Cats)

I seriously have about as many spare towels as I do cat beds (in other words, a million of each.) I replace the towels we use every couple of years or so, and have a bad habit of not getting rid of the old towels because they’re so handy to have just in case. (I did donate a big bag of towels to the spay/neuter clinic a few years ago, but I’ve still got a lot of towels. I am a towel and cat bed/toy hoarder, obviously.)


Either Beauregard is a really teeny, tiny, miniscule kit or that’s a reallllly big laundry basket.

It’s both! He’s teeny (just over 1 pound at the moment) and the laundry basket needs to hold a TON of laundry sometimes (especially when I have small kittens or have just cleaned the foster room). That laundry basket is actually a … I think they called it a “Party Bucket” at Lowe’s? You’re meant to fill it with ice and bottled/canned beverages. I think it works very well as a laundry basket.


I wonder if Amazon knows how much time foster people spend wandering their site looking for things to use that were never intended for that purpose.

Literally everything I ever see, my first thought is “Would the kittens use this? Would it be cute? Should I buy two?” I’m sure Pier 1 never ever expected their Fruitasan to be used for kittens!


How do you tell Margeaux and Katriane apart?

Gulielma said I think Margeaux has a jewel on her forehead, and Katriane doesn’t.

and Gretchen said: I also think Margeaux is a little more brown, while Katriane is more gray? I could be wrong about that though.

Here’s a good shot that shows the difference. That’s Margeaux in the back, Katriane in the front.

Margeaux has golden-orangey spots (including the one on her head), and Katriane is much darker. Margeaux’s eyes are more golden-green; Katriane’s eyes are pure green. Their body types are different – Margeaux is a bigger cat and while she’s pretty skinny right now due to those kittens sucking the life out of her (she’s constantly eating, she won’t fade away, I promise), she’s kind of barrel-chested, so looks bigger than she is. With the weight loss she’s experienced in the past few weeks, if I just glance at her I think she’s Katriane. They have different conversational skills, too – Katriane is chirpy and chatty (Fred calls her Mama Chirps), and Margeaux has a lower, huskier voice and sounds like she’s trying to impart very important information. (I’ve learned that the important information she’s trying to share is “I would like some of those awesome Friskies Party Mix Crunch Cheezy Craze Cat Treats right now, if you don’t mind.” Both girls LOVE LOVE LOVE those treats.)


I’m curious what type of payment the Sheriff requires for all the tickets she issues? Is it snax? Or pettins? Inquiring minds need to know!

She will accept pettings AND snacks. But her very favorite thing is to lick the “gravy” from the bottom of an empty can of food.


I forgot Frankie was on Atopica! Jinx is on it (twice a day) for his over-grooming related to environmental allergies. It’s working, but poor baby hates the oral syringe. Have you tried the chews? I found a compounding veterinary pharmacy “up north” that makes them, but I haven’t ordered any yet.

I had no idea that there are chews! We haven’t tried the chews (obviously), but since Frankie is only on two doses a week, we’ll probably stick with the liquid. Frankie doesn’t LOVE the Atopica, but he doesn’t hate it the way Tommy (who was on it for Pododermatitis aka Pillow Foot) did. Tommy would drool and foam and fight like crazy. Poor Tommy!


Katriane loves that toy. Actually, Katriane loves ALL toys, now that I think about it.

Henri has a serious.

It’s going to be fun when Luc is tall enough to jump into the litter box that way, instead of walking into it through the big hole in the front.

Fleur wonders where the paw prints all over the mirrors came from.

Rawr. (Gabrielle)

A boy in a basket with a baguette. Oui!

Josephine takes a chomp.

“This is MY toy,” Luc informs her.

“Harrumph,” declares Josephine.

Nap time for JoJo and Luc.

Beauregard and the come-hither eyes.

They’ve discovered the little blue cat tree and think it’s pretty cool.

Luc’s all “What?”

“NO, Henri! There’s no room up there for you!” Look at Beauregard, trying to hold Josephine back. She’s a feisty one.


It’s been so hot lately (hot in Alabama in August? Ya don’t say!) and this is how Frankie spends most of his daytime hours. (He spends his nighttime hours in the hammock in the corner of my bedroom, slurping loudly as he bathes himself. FOR HOURS AND HOURS.)


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  1. Ohmigosh. I am not the only person with a cat who slurps loud enough to be heard in China when they bathe. My Clio does that and I look at her like “I thought you were supposed to be a lady”.

  2. Still can’t say much but “ thank you “ for the wonderful posts- my husband passed away months ago….your pictures & posts make my morning! A part of the larger life family….

  3. We also use a blue “party bucket” for laundry. Isn’t laundry a party? and is there any other color in the world besides blue? (I think not)

  4. My cat, Good Girl, gets up on the bed with me. I am a side sleeper so she sleeps on me…. first is twenty minutes of loud slurping and violent licking. If she gets off the bed during the night, when she comes. Back she has to do it all over again.

  5. If anyone has plans to visit L.A., would you please bring Josephine to me? I love that cutie!