8-31-18 Friday

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I’m wondering if there are any pics to be had of this batch wearing Stranger Danger suits. I’m sure the floofies have impressive ones.

There are no Stranger Danger suit pictures to be seen of these guys! The first time we let them out into the upstairs, Archie was on the bed in my room. The kittens went skidding into the room and completely ignored Archie. Archie, on the other hand, jumped to the floor and demanded to be let out of the upstairs. Last week, Fred brought Moop downstairs to see what his reaction to Khal would be. Moop had ZERO reaction, just sniffed at Khal and then started sniffing around the living room. However… Khal hissed and ran away from the terrifying kitten!

We really need to get Khal upstairs to see the kittens. I think that once he realizes they’re really NOT that scary, he’d be a good Uncle.


Re the video of Moop and Millie: the combination sounds like a TV show to me; Moop and Millie reminds me of Mork and Mindy. Also, do they often play together. The two together would be an awesome combination. Two very striking little kitties!

I think Millie & Moop is either a zany slapstick comedy, or a crime fighting duo. Ooh, private detectives!

Yes, they play together a lot (and Moop grooms her). They are very cute together – but then, they pretty much all play with each other. This bunch gets along really well!


I was wondering what interesting nicknames Fred has bestowed upon this batch of kittens? I love Moop and if I wasn’t so far North I would scoop him up in a instant…

These are the nicknames we have for the kittens (and, when needed, an explanation for each).

Arundel is known as “the new girl,” because she joined the rest of the litter a few days after we got them. Even THOUGH it’s been two months, that’s still her nickname.

Buxton is Buster, because he reminds us so much of Bolitar from the Bookworms, whose nickname was Buster. I also occasionally call him Bucky.

Bethel is “the gray tabby,” which is super original, isn’t it?

Calais is “fat tortie,” because when we got them she had a big ol’ belly, and she’s the largest of the litter. She’s not fat by any means – she’s long and lanky – but the nickname has stuck.

Dexter is “orange,” which is another highly original one.

Eliot is “white and gray” and also “that little white and gray nut.”

Kennebunk, as y’all know, is Moop and KennyBorkBork and Moopleton and any other number of nicknames (I always have to stop and think for a few moments to remember what his “legal” name is!)

Millinocket is “little tortie.”

Otis is “the Marshmallow,” and Fred occasionally turns that into “Marshall.”


Every time, I think “how is Robyn going to be able to give these kittens up??” I just love Otismallow and Moop, but, really, they are all my favorites.

There comes a time with every litter when I think “There’s no way I can give these guys up. I’m just going to tell Fred we’re keeping them all.” But of course I don’t, because if I did THAT, then there’d be no more fostering, and what on earth would I do if I weren’t fostering?


I love how Dexter is off in his own little world, distracted by Fort Pillow in the picture of Eliot giving you grief over the ceiling fan cord.

That boy marches to the beat of his own drum, for sure.


Ok, so your backyard doesn’t have any grass, right? It looks like it has tiers of plant beds. Low maintenance? Easily navigable?

There’s no grass in the back yard, but I don’t know that I’d call it low maintenance. We have a lot of monkey grass, and it has a lot of weeds growing in and around it. I haven’t done any serious weeding, but I NEED to. But it’s SO hot and muggy out there right now that I can’t bring myself to do yard work. The front lawn is grass, and it takes Fred about 10 minutes to cut it – which he loves, considering that cutting the grass at Crooked Acres took hours upon hours.

The back yard is easily navigable, though I tend to be a little tippy when I’m not paying attention (I haven’t fallen, but I’ve stumbled lots of times!)


Sleepy Arundel, using Eliot’s butt as a pillow.

Sleepy Dexter’s all “How YOU doin’?”

Out cold.

Bethel in the giant Croc bed.

Otis with attitude.

The fabulousness of Millie’s tail has not been discussed nearly enough, I feel, and she agrees.

Fred now has a giant picture of Stefan hanging on his wall, which Bethel appreciates.

Snuggly Dexter and Otis.

Arundel and Eliot snuggle up for a nap.

Buxton, watchin’ birds.

And Moop, doin’ the same.

You’d think, given the number of baths these kittens had in this bathroom, they’d prefer to avoid this room and that carrier, but nope. They love to hang out in there, and if I run the water in the sink, at least a couple of them come running to check things out.

“Is time to swim, lady?”


Oh, that Jake. Keeping the loons well-tuned, as usual.


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  1. Aw, what a great picture of Uncle Stefan! Bethel’s all: “I don’t know him but I loves him.”

    *bows reverently*

  2. I think in Fred’s defense, it is easier to give the kittens nicknames such as “the tiny one” or “orange dude” rather than ACTUAL names because then you don’t become as attached to them and it is somewhat easier to part when they need to leave.

  3. Woooow on the lack of Stranger Danger suit pictures. This is seriously one chill bunch of kittens.