8-30-18 Thursday

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Listen, in case you didn’t know this, Calais would like you to know that that ceiling fan pull chain is VERRRRY interesting!

1 out of 1 Moop agrees: that pull chain? FASCINATING!

Millie doesn’t care about any silly ol’ chain.

Arundel’s more interested in the track toy.

Bethel’s too busy snooping around on the shelves. (It always amazes me when people actually use the bottom couple of shelves on their bookcases for anything, since in this house whatever’s on those bottom shelves are just going to get pushed off or barfed upon.)

“Watching you, lady.”

“Me too.”

“Got any room in that hammock for me?”
“Nope, sorry. All full up!”


“That’s the last time I share anything with HIM.”

“There’s plenty of room in there! Let me in!”
“Nope, sorry.”

“DEXTER. Come on, scoot over!”

But eventually a kitten’s got to go to the litter box…

Doesn’t Buxton look comfy?


This is where the Sheriff (Kara) spends her nights, on the island in the kitchen. I think she likes the location – and no one else seems to much care for being up there, except occasionally Archie.


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8-30-18 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. i was wondering what interesting nicknames Fred has bestowed upon this batch of kittens? I love Moop and if I wasn’t so far North I would scoop him up in a instant…

  2. And for that matter why bother putting anything on a dresser, table or kitchen counter….. I was woken up at 3:30 this morning because a full coke can was pushed off the kitchen table by a mad kitty that wanted outside. The little stinker was taught by a skunk how to climb the 5 foot chain link fence. Her brothers just watch then tattle on her!

  3. oh the barfing!
    I once left my purse hanging on an old fashioned sewing bin thing with legs that my cat uses as a hop up to the window. how she managed to barf INTO it is still a mystery to me.

  4. I love the stretched out tootsies on the Sheriff, you can tell she’s had a good night’s sleep.

  5. Ah yes. I learned the hard way not to store anything on the bottom shelves of bookcases.

  6. I’m wondering if there are any pics to be ad of this batch wearing Stranger Danger suits. I’m sure the floofies have impressive ones.

  7. The happiest, busiest bunch of kittens — but my heart belongs to the Perms, and that is a FAB capture of Kara!

  8. Speaking of barfing and track toys – yesterday someone at my house (and it wasn’t me, so that just leave the feline occupants) barfed into the track on the track toy. It’s one that has a cardboard scratcher in the middle, but her aim was good, and barf only ended up in the track….

  9. The long and lanky effect is STRIKINGLY rapid with this bunch! It seems like it’s just gone wham! in the blink of an eye – yesterday they were round little puddles of fluff, today … teenagers?!?!?! HOW DID IT HAPPEN? Eliot and Bethel in particular are just all legs now. Supermodel like, with their great stilt-like limbs.

    PS If there is ever to be an image of the Moop donning his full, proper stranger-danger floof suit, please alert me in advance as I may expire of the cute on the spot.