5-30-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

The faces they gave me when I asked if they were going to get up and get started on their day.

Whist enjoys herself a bit of sunshine (those WHISKERS!)

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A hello from Rummy and Whist. (I love it when you speak to a kitten and their tail pops straight up in the air.)

“Hi, hi, innernets! Hi!” says Pinochle, showing off his multi-colored beans.⁠

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Whooooo’s da BAYbee? Is it Pinochle… or Fred?!

“What you want, lady?” (permanent resident) Archie inquires.

Fizzbin keeps an eye on the neighbors. SOMEONE’s gotta.

Good night innernets. (Slapjack curled up on my pillow, with his face in my hair.)

Wherein a visit from Uncle Charlie made Slapjack don his floof suit.

Former foster alert: Hook (who was Khaleesi’s kitten Puff when we fostered him in 2013). Selena said: “Our new favorite game is where will we find Hook today.” ⁠

Such a goofball, that Hook. And that’s him with his brother Flynn (our foster Kohle in 2012!) in the lower right pic! Love those boys. ❤️ (Thanks Selena!)

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Rummy does a very good job of entertaining herself.

Have I mentioned what a lapkitten Fizzbin is?

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A visit from Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie is in A Mood. First he scares Uno, and then Slapjack feels compelled to put on his floof suit!

(Permanent resident) Khal, hanging out under the rose bush, which is particularly happy this spring!⁠

Pinochle and his teef.

Good night innernets!

Rummy’s all “Let’s get this show on the road, lady!” The kittens are wearing their collars (with their names written on them) and the carriers are ready, but it’s not quite time to leave yet. It’s spay/neuter day, hurray hurray!

For the first 5 minutes of the drive, the kittens were quietly baffled. Then they found their voices and it was LOUD. (They’re being spayed & neutered today.)

Spays and neuters are ALL DONE and all went well. Everyone’s a little glassy-eyed and unsure of what happened. They’ve eaten some lunch, and are settling down for naps. ❤️

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The kittens were spayed/neutered today and are back in the kitten room mostly snoozing. Whist is bringing some low-level drama by growling at everyone ’cause they smell funny. (This isn’t an uncommon reaction, and she’ll be fine by tomorrow.)

Good night innernets. (Fizzbin and various parts of other kittens.)

I see no reason to get out of bed. (The kittens don’t actually sleep with me at night – they’re locked up in the foster room for the night, and then Fred lets them out into the upstairs first thing in the morning (before 6:00, lately) and they join me in bed and we all snooze for a bit.)

Former foster alert! Here we have housepanther d’Artagnan and his brother Porthos, two of our Mewsketeers (Alexandra’s kittens) from late summer/early fall of last year. It’s a terrible thing how stressed they are, no? Dawn says: “Porthos and D’Artagnan spend most afternoons snoozing together on this window ledge even though they have grown quite a bit and barely fit anymore. 😍 ” (Thanks Dawn!!)

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Laundry day continues to be VERY exciting for the kittens (everything is VERY exciting for the kittens!)

Pinochle says “SMIIIIIILE!”

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Fizzbin the snugglebug. (I swear I don’t spend my entire day lying around covered in kittens… but would you blame me if I did?)

(Permanent resident) Newt has a disapproval. (In case it’s hard to tell, he’s inside and I’m outside taking his picture while he judges me.)

That cat tree is in full bloom and ready for pickin’!

Good night innernets. (Rummy)

Paws UP, y’all! (Fizzbin)

Whist is feelin’ flirty and showing off her belly.

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I guess the better question would be “Who ISN’T Da BAYbee?”

Oh, let’s do something different and get all 6 of them on the stepladder, shall we?

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Those kittens certainly picked up their mama’s leapin’ moves.

(Permanent resident) Alice is keeping an eye on the chipmunks.

Good night innernets. (Pinochle and Uno)

The Cardsharks are 13 weeks old today and this is what they look like now. We’ve had a lot of fun watching them grow and I am only surprised that I managed to not squoosh a single one. My restraint is superhuman, is all I can say.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Fizzbin, Uno, Slapjack, Whist, Rummy and Pinochle.

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So many baybees! (I think the consensus is that EVERYONE is da baybee, though Pinochle and Fizzbin seem most vocal about it.)

“Well, HI! Whatcha doin’ with that carrier in your hand, lady??” (Fizzbin)

Hooray, hooray, Fizzbin was adopted and went home today! She joins a home with two kitties already in residence as well as three (human) sisters who are gonna adore her! She may remain Fizzbin (Fizzy) or may not, they’re going to wait and see what suits her. AND we will get updates, yay! Happy life, sweet girl. ❤️

(Permanent resident) Jake is getting hiiiigh, and (permanent resident) Khal disapproves.⁠

Rummy’s wondering if it’s dinner time yet.

Good night innernets. (Whist)

Then there were 5. Left to right: Whist, Pinochle, Slapjack, Uno and Rummy. (I did not arrange them by color, I put them up there and they arranged themselves.)⁠

They don’t appear to have noticed that Fizzbin is gone (she went home yesterday); they’re playing and acting as normal.

Slapjack’s all “What?”

Pinochle is such a lapkitten.

Good night innernets. (Rummy)


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