5-30-19 Thursday

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In case you missed it on Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter yesterday, these two are adoption pending and will be going home to Michigan in the nearish future.

We are THRILLED about this!

This leaves Almanzo yet to be adopted. For now, he will stay here with us in hopes that he can be adopted right from here too, without a stop at Petsmart.


The kittens came through their spay/neuter surgeries just fine – they were a little growly for a while, but then everyone took a long nap, and by bed time they were racing around like nothing had happened, as predicted.

Before they went off for their surgery, they hung out and stared at the ceiling fan pull.

And stared some more.

And then all five of them sat and stared at it. (No one jumped up after it, though, thankfully.)

Mary smiled as she stared off into space.

Laura, after surgery, feelin’ gooooood.

You know Pa can wear a hat (and doesn’t he look dashing?)

So can Willie, though he doesn’t look pleased about it.

Albert, wondering just what on earth is on his head.

Almanzo’s all “How YOU doin’?”

Laura, snoozing after a hard day in the field.

Mary too.

The only one I couldn’t get a picture of with that hat on her head? Caroline, of course. She wasn’t having the bonnet, either. Feisty little brat.


Sheriff Mama (Kara), on chipmunk patrol.


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5-30-19 Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. I had a reading comprehension problem just now, LOL. I thought you wrote that NO ONE will play with Almanzo, and I was outraged, how is that possible, whyyyyyyyyy? I was about to jump in my car and drive who knows how many hours from Maryland to come and get him. Then, the coffee started kicking in, my brain woke up and I re-read your post. Whew, it’s just the permies that won’t play with him (still sad though). Also, I wore 2 different color shoes to work today, so that’s how my day is going and it’s only 8:30. 🙂

    • I hope the two different colors shoes were wildly different! I foolishly purchased a pair of shoes in navy and black because they were comfortable. Sadly my closet was dark, and I’m not a morning person. I may have occasionally worn the shoes as a matched set, but more often than not I had on a blue shoe and black shoe. I decided it was a fashion statement! And I hope your day got better.

      • Hi Kate – we must be related! LOL, that’s exactly what happened to me too, two different colors of the same shoe 🙂 I pre-emptively let everyone know before they said anything to me! And yes, my day did get better 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday!

    • Haha – I’ve had days like that! (Frankie might play with him a little, but most of the permanent residents have zero desire to interact with kittens. He needs someone his own age – or near to it – who’ll play like crazy with him.)

      • I’m sure he’ll find a wonderful home, you raise the best kittens! I wish he could go home with Ma and Pa, that would be so sweet.

  2. That is wonderful news about Charles and Caroline!!!

    Hey, cut Laura and Mary some slack. They have to hike really, really far to get to school in town you know…

  3. I’m so happy Caroline and Charles are going home! I feel less guilty about not driving from Iowa to get them. Now I’m just feeling guilty about Almanzo….

    Got my print, too! I love it!