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Speaking of the outside cats, how frequently do you have to deal with them bringing “gifts” like that live bunny from a little while back? I’ve heard outside cats can be very proficient hunters.

Usually we go through a period about a week in the spring where there seems to be a different animal (usually a rodent) brought inside every day. The rest of the year we can go weeks without seeing a headless squirrel or really angry bird in the house. On the average, I’d say once a week during the summer and a couple of times a month during the rest of the year.

Sometimes I’m really lucky, and I’ll see a cat running across the yard with a dead bird or whatever in its mouth. If I move really fast, I can beat them to the back door and shut it before they get there, which stops them from bringing it in the house. Sometimes I’m not lucky at all, and I’ll wander from the computer room and into the front room (they really prefer to take their kill to the front room for some reason) to find a spray of feathers across the room, a partial bird laying in the middle of the floor, and a very proud Stefan/Jake/Corbie/whoever laying nearby.


Late-breaking public service announcement: $70 bargain for a large, 80-inch tall cat condo/tower on eBay (with free shipping!), here.

Same seller has a 52-inch one listed for $63 too.

Thanks, Charlene!


Just came across this adorable vid on The Joys Of Fostering Rescued Cats & Kittens. Bet you could put together one that is even more adorable.

YouTube link.

That little tuxie at the beginning, staring at the camera, kills me DEAD. Also, one minute, nine seconds in, the grooming. And the ninja fighting! And… the whole thing!


Could you tell me where you got the green and black cat basket?

I got it from Wexford Treasures on Etsy. It wasn’t actually sold as a kitten bed – I think she called it a plant basket. It measures 3″ high, 8.5″ across the top and 6.5″ diameter, so I thought I’d give it a try, and as you can see, it’s the perfect size for 2 month old kittens!


Cat fostering 3 ducklings!!

So sweet!


I spent part of yesterday reading about Kara and her babies. How long did it take for Kara to play nice with Mr Boogers, Tommy and all the rest?

The obvious joke would be to say that we’re still waiting for that to happen. 🙂 But actually, when Kara’s kittens left, she calmed down a lot. She’s pretty high-strung, but except for her occasional run-in with Stinkerbelle and when Jake decides to chase her around and bother her, she gets along fairly well with everyone.


Wow, I did not realize that either Tommy is quite the large gentleman or Kara is much smaller than I thought.

It’s a combination – Tommy’s pretty big (it’s all muscle! I swear it!) and Kara is tiny. She’s our tiniest permanent resident, just over 8 pounds the last time I checked, and Tommy’s at 12 1/2 pounds.


By the way, someone posted that picture of your kittens lined up to eat on facebook and I mentioned that it was yours and they basically said it’s public domain and they’ve never heard of Love and Hisses. I tagged you there. Is that something you usually deal with or does it matter? I hate being a pain in the ass to people, but I thought the least they could do it give you credit…

That picture is absolutely everywhere and I’ve given up on trying to do anything about it. It was on Cute Overload in 2009, was in their 2011 calendar, and it has since shown up in a zillion places. Cute Overload doesn’t watermark, and nothing stops people from saving the picture, sending it to other people and posting it on FB and wherever else they want with no attribution at all. I figure, as long as no one’s trying to make money off it or putting their own watermark on it, I won’t worry about it because otherwise I’d go nuts.

But of course, I watermark everything now and I think EVERYONE should!


I’m curious how the catfish would get the ducklings if they don’t go in the water till mom’s ready. Are the catfish that big?

We’ve got some really big catfish now, but basically all the catfish need to do is grab a ducklings’ foot and pull it under until it drowns, then it’s feeding time. I didn’t watch it, but if you Google “Duckling gets eaten by catfish”, there’s apparently a video.


It seems like you don’t get many long haired cats coming through Challenger’s House. I wonder if there are just fewer long hairs in the south in general?

That’s possible – I know that I haven’t had many long-haired cats at all! I wonder if there are just fewer long-haired cats in general.


I never knew that Mr. Fancypants simply disappeared. I feel like that would almost be worse than having to deal with a loss like with Mr. Boogers, because there was at least some closure there. Still, cats are very good hunters, so I’m sure Mr. Fancypants lived to a ripe old age hunting varmints and birds in the great outdoors. Maybe he even got picked up and became a “permanent resident” in a cushy house in some far-flung region of the world!

It was absolutely worse never knowing what happened to Fancypants – we like to believe that he wandered into someone else’s backyard, became their pampered little prince, and never had to share attention with anyone else!

Even now, all these years later, I occasionally have a dreams wherein he saunters in and seamlessly rejoins the family.


The only Gilbert there will ever be for me is Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables… sigh. So now you need a little red headed orphan girl kitten to add to this litter and name her Anne 🙂


When Robyn was introducing the kittens on the blog their first day, and the first was Gilbert, I TOTALLY thought that was where it was going. (“Gilbert? Oh goodie, surely there must be an Anne kitten, too”)

I should point out that the kittens came to me pre-named. Gilbert is named after Gilbert Grape because he’s so buff-colored that he’s practically lavender. Marshall and Grant were named for the area where they were found.


Stinkerbelle has such beautiful eyes! Does she get “mad” by meowing insistently, or does she prefer to knock things off shelves or something similar?

When she’s mad at her humans, Stinkerbelle unleashes her meow, which is very high-pitched and kind of sounds like a siren. When she’s mad at another cat (and 90% of the time, that cat is Jake), she has a hellcat scream, which you can hear in this video, 23 seconds in.

YouTube link.

As you can imagine, hearing that scream in the middle of the night is lovely and not at all the sort of thing to make you wake up with your heart pounding.


In the picture “And then Fred twitched his foot.”, who is the kitten in the kitty bed?

That’s Beulah, the tiny little runt from The Seven. (She’s the center kitten in that picture I posted up there, of the 7 kittens eating their snack, all in a row.)

Also, my favorite Beulah picture:


We’re in Indianapolis for a wedding this weekend, and just saw a commercial on the CBS nightly for neutering pets. I laughed so hard. “Hip spectacles. No testicles. Meet Scooter, the suave neutered cat every Tom wants to be.”

That is fantastic!!!


Oh, this one. I just want to kiss him and kiss him, and he has no time for me.

Gilbert (I think; I have a hard time telling Gilbert and Grant apart in pictures if I can’t see their bodies) sneaking up on the camera.

Marshall’s #1 favorite thing to do: kick and bite that fish cat bed.

“No, bro, I got it. Stand back!” (Grant on the left, Gilbert on the right.)

The Open Mouth of Outrage always makes me laugh.

Grant, reaching for the camera.

Looks like it’s just about lights-out for Marshall.

The long-legged Cheetah (which I bought on sale at Petsmart back in late 2012) is getting it from both ends. (Gilbert on the left, Marshall on the right.)

Did I mention that Marshall really likes kicking that cat bed?

Pouty Gilbert.

More pouty Gilbert.

“Hey, where ya goin’? We was havin’ fun!”

More long-legged Cheetah biting.


I posted this on the Love & Hisses Facebook page last week, but for those of you not on Facebook, here’s Gilbert’s Oliver Donovan impression.


Oh, da Corbs. He is just the MOST gorgeous boy on earth (and he knows it!)


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5-30-14 — 35 Comments

  1. Everything about this post I just love. All the pictures made me happy today and the video “The Joys Of Fostering Rescued Cats & Kittens” made me want to crawl right into the middle of it.

    We are having layoffs at my work today…in my area. Please, everyone, send a prayer up for me that I will continue to have my job. Thanks.

    • Good luck GD. Fingers crossed. Of course it is a Friday, they always do this on a Friday.

    • Sending tons of good thoughts and warm emotions to you, GD, from across the pond. I love reading your comments. Stay strong!

    • Well, it looks good thus far! When each of my team mates see each other, we say, “You’re still here?!” LOL. Gotta put humor in all this. Donuts were brought in..that even was joked about as in you can have one as you walk out the door. Only way to deal with the stress. Been having layoffs since January. 🙁

  2. I have 2 of those baskets from Wexford Treasures and my cats just love them. They do come in different sizes/colors and she will let you know the ones that fit based on a cats weight. They are also machine washable (great). I have even given them to family and friends as gifts. A wonderful product.

    • If anyone thinks they are a bit pricey, well, I made one myself. 15″ in diameter (across the bottom) to fit my 2 Maine Coon mixes and the one Ragdoll mix. It took a lot of time and thread. I did make mine so that there wasn’t any raw cut edge of fabric showing…but still. Worth every penny!

  3. Yup, today’s post cinched it. These doodles are going to be heart-breakers, especially that Marshallmallow fluff-headed (u c wut I did thar?) stripey one. I love that he’s a little space cadet staring off into space from his own little world all the time.

    I would completely die if someone were brave enough to adopt all three (how awesome would that be??)!

    “Open Mouth of Outrage” made me laugh out loud, btw.

  4. I just read beyond this point, to the end of the page. Checking out your blog info, ads, etc. Maxi’s photo! Maxi is soo trill. Is she your most dominate cat?

    • No, she’s not all that dominant – as long as the other cats stay out of her face, she’s happy and won’t go after them. I guess I should say she’ll stand her ground, but doesn’t go looking for trouble. She’s mostly live and let live ’til someone gets too close (specifically Jake or Corbie – none of the other cats try to bug her.)

  5. Perfect post today Robyn. I needed this to relieve mucho job stress. I sent the fostering video to my sis who responded that I was an evil person. I love hitting her with unbearable cuteness out of the blue. Evil is as Evil does.
    To the person coming to Indy for a wedding. I hope you have a great time here and you are treated well.

  6. Listening to Stinkerbelle’s scream…well, no wonder Jake booked it out of there! 🙂

  7. You’re in Indy? 🙂 If you had any free time I’d love to buy you a coffee and talk about your cats and my cats and George and Gracie. 🙂

    • Yep in Indy, west side by Eagle Creek. We have 3 furbots. We even have a kitty pricess named Gracie. But her actual name is Gracie Lu Freebush.

  8. Stinkerbelle sure has the hell-cat squall down-pat. My tortie, Slinky, has a similar scream — and even though she is on the screen/sunporch, I can still hear her squall wherever I am inside the house!

    • My Kitters (RIP) had a growl that you would NOT want to hear in the woods at night. It was terrifying!!! She was such a mama’s girl though. 🙂

  9. I’m sorry, while that video is freakin adorable (the not so ninja fighting slayed me) there wasn’t nearly enough mayhem, nor was there any thundering heard of elephant running..

    I had a kitty that simply didn’t come home once. I too pictured him finding another home because he didn’t enjoy spending time with his sisfur.. although part of me is horribly scared that he died because he became blocked since he peed inappropriately once shortly before disappearing.. nope.. I’m going with he found a nice lady to take him in (and I too have had that dream that he came home, but after spending time with me he left again since.. assuming since he liked his new home.. )

  10. I think I have to tease you a little about your outdoor cats being utter slackers… one of my childhood cats, Porcupine, was absolutely ruthless and prolific as hell. Chipmunks, baby bunnies (I always cried over the baby bunnies), birds, and what we do believe were once mice. Seems she liked the mice, she would eat them and leave just the stomach and guts for us. She didn’t usually try to bring things inside, thank god, or we would have really had wild kingdom on our hands. Mom said the neighbors used to stop her when she was out walking and thank Porcupine for solving their mice problem. She definitely caught something at least 5 times a week!!

    • The guts on the doorstep are always cheery. I could never tell if they were former mice or former frogs. Always the same looking pile of goo. Yum. We had one prolific cat we named RCO = Rodent Control Officer. His official name was JD = John Doe. He just showed up and decided to live with us and take care of the neighborhood rodent problem. Great cat.

    • When we first bought this house, Maxi and Newt (who “came with” the house and were 100% outdoor cats) brought us dead animals every single day. They don’t anymore, so I wonder if they’ve turned into lazy slackers who know they don’t have to bribe us. 🙂

  11. Okay, the first set of kittens nursing in that foster kitten video need to be weaned! They’re as big as their mother!

  12. LOL re your link to Scooter the Neutered cat. I live just north of Indy and the first time I saw that commercial you were the very first thing that came to my mind, Robyn!

  13. “Speaking of the outside cats, how frequently do you have to deal with them bringing ‘gifts'”

    Two of my cats have learned how to work the doggie door (one taught the other, I suspect). I can neither afford an electronic door nor come up with a workable cat-proofing solution (though industrial-strength magnets, ordered online, are on the way…).

    Last night I found a lizard in my house.

    After about two hours of freaking out and (literally) crying, and calling everyone I know to come get the lizard out of the house and all sorts of other childish shenanigans, I finally took two shots of whiskey and steeled my nerves to try to get the lizard into a paper bag. I had no idea how I was going to bring myself to TOUCH the paper bag once there was a lizard in it, but one thing at a time.

    Well, turns out the lizard was already dead. Poor thing. That did not stop me from waking up screaming a dozen times during the night, every time I felt a little brush or tickle against my skin.

    Does anyone know: Do lizards have live babies? (SAY NO.) Or if they lay eggs, do the eggs have to be incubated in order to hatch? (SAY YES.)

    Miss catching up with you, Robyn! xoxo