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So yesterday, after I posted the link to the sweet FIV positive kitty who’s located in Madison, AL and looking for a home (see her here), Kelly posted and reminded me that if you’re too far North to adopt THAT FIV positive kitty, Kelly has JUST the kitty for you…

That’s right, Mama Clarice STILL needs a home! She’s with Kelly in the Detroit, Michigan area, and Kelly’s willing to discuss transportation. Click on Mama C’s picture up there (or heck, click on this link right here if you can’t bring yourself to click on that sweet face) and read all about her!

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Speaking of FIV positive kitties, I have a picture of our favorite FIV+ former foster! (Okay, okay, she’s our only FIV+ former foster, don’t be such a stickler for details). Remember Dandelion from last summer, who is now Pearl? Here she was last September when she was still with us:

Well, she’s only gotten more beautiful since she went to her forever home. Here she is now:

Also, just because it’s such a great picture, I’m reposting the picture from February of Pearl curled up with her brother Duke.

Oh, that girl. She certainly landed in clover, didn’t she?

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Kittens in the sun. After they have their snack first thing in the morning, I open the door so they can roam the house, and they all immediately go into Fred’s room and cavort in the sun.

Jareth and Aslan are having a moment.

Leia says “You go ‘way. This is MY sunshine!”

Leia, melting in the sun.

Charming suns his toes.

You can’t really see Aslan, because he’s bleached out by the sun, but he’s decided to bite Leia on the belly. Leia’s so dopey from the sun that she can’t do anything but smile at the ceiling.

Jareth is such a pretty boy.

Royals video: Jareth messes with the bull (Sugarbutt) and gets the horns.

YouTube link.

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Having finished her plate of canned food, Khaleesi comes over for some petting before she goes and attends to those kittens.

Ember’s pretty sure there’s something awesome on the other side of that barrier.

“You guys, hurry up! The buffet’s open!”

“This litter isn’t fresh like I like it. I bet this is left over. I prefer it fresh from the bag.”

“I’m totally giving this buffet a bad review on Yelp.”


::snik:: “Hey. HEY. There are little KNIVES coming out my toes!”

“Are you seein’ this?!”

::snik:: “THERE IT GOES AGAIN! How am I DOING that?!”


I do not recall who it was that said in a comment that Puff looks like a gray Cowardly Lion, but I cannot look at his little floofy face without thinking that and laughing. He SO does!!!

Dragons video: Norbert partakes of some tasty litter.

YouTube link.

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Miz Poo, checking out the foster room (she’s pretending to be interested in the toys, but she’s waiting for me to leave so she can belly up to the kitten food.)


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5-30-13 — 34 Comments

  1. Dandelion is soooooooooooooooo beautiful! (She would have been mine….if I could have….)
    Ember’s butt (ok, his whole body), looks adorable standing up at the barrier like that!
    Puff DOES look like the cowardly lion!!! (He and Ruth would be mine….if I could…..)
    Charming and Leia would be mine…..if I could…..)
    See why I can’t? The nummbers grow by two with each litter!!!!

    • I totally agree about Ember’s butt/body in that picture! It melted my heart…sooooo adorable!! 🙂

  2. (LOL @ Nicolo’s comment!)

    GAAAAAAAH! Ember is so sweet… that stripey tail in the complaint picture just killed me dead.

    I cannot figure out Puff’s head… I’m leaning toward “it looks so big because his eyes are really close together” but I’m just not sure!

    Norbert is such a wee baby, I have this sneaking suspicion he’s going to be sleek and suave when he gets older.

    Do we know why kitties eat litter? It distresses me to think of the gravel scratching it’s way through their innards and possibly ouchie-ing on the way out. Do they mistake it for kibble?

    • I’m not sure why they eat litter (I wouldn’t be surprised if they think it’s kibble), but all kittens do it and it doesn’t seem to cause them harm. Plain clay (non-clumping) litter breaks down so easily that I don’t think it does any scratching on the way through. They’ll be past this stage in a week or two and they’ll totally deny that they ever ate litter. 🙂

      • It is often kittens not even eating solid food eating litter. I think it is PICA and something in the clay – the minerals? – is something they feel they need to eat. They pretty much all do it and Robyn is right that it breaks down pretty easily..

  3. Also? Ember’s toes in that complaint picture need an awful lot of smoochies. Jus’ sayin’.

  4. I hope Puff keeps those muzzlepouches forever. I lubs his little face so much.

    • Do my eyes deceive me, or does Puff have a tiny, curling white mustachio?

  5. Poor Charming…no matter how long he tans, he just can’t get his toes to match the rest of his fur! 😉

    In the first ::snik:: picture of Ember, she looks like she is sucking her thumb. Photo shop in a blue blanket and it’s a total Linus moment!

  6. Poor Sugarbutt. However, seriously, when will permanent residents learn that if you insist on letting your tail wander around with kittens in the house, SOMEONE is gonna jump on it??? MOL

  7. Oh, Dandelion/Pearl! Such a gorgeous girl!

    And I love love love Aslan’s color – that gorgeous ticking! Just beautiful!

  8. I love Leia’s sun Nimbus, what a pretty site. Speaking of pretty, Dandelion or Pearl is so gorgeous. She was an awkward looking kitten, I can admit that now, but today she’s quite the stunner.

    Ember’s carrot stick tail is cracking me up. Poor wee thing needs reassurance of a cuddle. Still think they look like Chinese dragons with their big chrysanthemum heads.

    • Dandelion was definitely an awkward girl, but she certainly blossomed.

      I think Puff and Scorch especially look like Chinese dragons!

  9. OMG Ember your cute is weapons-grade 🙂 Of all of them, this kitten kills me.

    And Jareth looks after Sugarbutt like “what’s your problem?” Too, too funny.

    • Fred calls Ember “The worrywart.” She’s not as much a scaredy cat as she was, though, she’s getting to be more confident.

  10. Jareth was all like ‘hey, where did my toy go??”

    Are you sure it is fresh litter they prefer and not slightly used?? 🙂

    LOVE Ember and her ‘knives” the expression on her face in those photos is priceless

    • Well, it’s slightly used as of this morning and it’s not stopping them from eating it, so I think you’re right!

  11. Robyn – a foster FYI thing: This fellow out in Seattle (? – Washington anyway) has a live stream kitten cam and an adorable batch of bebeh kittehs at the moment (born a week after the Dragons I think: http://new.livestream.com/FosterKittenCam/Mythbusters). His kittens have such a following that the rescue people he works with had a special adoption day for his previous batch (The Cosmos – all named after Cosmonauts). They were all snatched up right quick – I was wondering if you ever thought of getting a kitten cam and live streaming your fosters? It seems to stress you out when your fosters languish at Pet Smart and I was really quite amazed how many people signed up to adopt Foster Dad John’s last batch. The down side though is that there are a lot of people out there who seem to feel the need to inform Foster Dad John on how he should better foster the kittens which…ugh (he is incredibly patient about it).

    • I have thought that having a live stream kitten cam would be fun, but the last time we tried something like that (several years ago when we had chicks hatching) our internet provider had a conniption. We’ve switched providers since then, so maybe it’s something I’ll look into!

  12. Oh man, are you kidding me with that first picture of Ember?! She looks like a stuffed kitty all pudgy and just waitin’ for someone to come along and huff the stuffing out of her!!

    So, when they eat the litter (none of my 4 cats ate litter as little gaffers. That I know of…), do they digest it? Or do they end up barfing it up, poor little monkeys?

    • They digest it. Though to be honest, I’m not sure how much of it they’re actually swallowing. Pretty often when I’m petting them, I see litter sticking out of the side of their mouths, like they tucked it between their cheek and gums to save for later. 🙂

  13. Dandelion/Pearl is so beautiful! I love update pictures (hint, hint, adopters!)
    So Fred’s room is the sundeck, eh? Nothing like kittens in sunpuddles.
    Ember has the most wonderful expressions – love watching her make new discoveries every day!
    Hugs to all, with a special cuddle to Sugarbutt!
    (Yeah, this is not my most erudite post, but it is the end of the day and visions of kittens are dancing through my brain!)

  14. Am I really the first person to note the giant size of handsome Jareth’s paws? And I also admire and envy Aslan’s cloak of semi-invisibility — clever lad. This will come in handier than you know, young man!