5-31-14 – Livia needs a home! (Please share!)

Livia came to us in September of last year along with her 7 (YES, you read that right!) kittens. She was one of many cats who was being fed by an elderly woman. The woman’s neighbor was helping her out by catching the cats and taking them to the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic in Huntsville. Livia was one of those cats. It was while she was at the clinic waiting to be spayed that she went into labor. When all was said and done, she gave birth to 9 (!) kittens, but two of them didn’t make it.

She was a wonderful mother to all of her kittens as they grew. She went off to Petsmart at the end of November, and her kittens followed a few weeks later. All of her kittens were adopted by the end of January, but Livia is still waiting for a home. And I’ll be honest: I don’t get it!

She is an absolute love. She isn’t shy – she loves to be petted and kissed, and will purr her sweet head off. She’s very playful and will come running from any corner of the house when she hears the distinct sound of a feather teaser. She tosses around toy mice like it’s her job. She will curl up against you at nap time and sleep peacefully.

She so loves to be petted that if you lean down to pet her, she rises up to meet you, to make the petting easier. She gets along great with other cats and isn’t aggressive in the least. In fact, when she was here for a month-long break from the cage at Petsmart, she was often found grooming Dennis.

She’s gained some weight from being at Petsmart, so is now on a lighter diet. When she was here with us, she slimmed down a bit, and I imagine that when she has room to run and play whenever she wants, she’ll slim down some more.

She doesn’t like to be picked up, though you can pick her up for a moment or two to put her in a carrier or move her from one place to another. That is the ONLY potentially negative thing I can think of to tell you about this girl – doesn’t like to be picked up, but loves to snuggle. Loves people, likes other cats, is super playful, and just sweet as she can be.

LIVIA NEEDS A HOME. She’s currently at Petsmart on University Drive in Huntsville.

She is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and although Challenger’s House will do long-distance adoptions, the adopter is required to come here to get her. She’d be fine in on a long car ride, and probably would be okay on a plane.

If you have any questions about Livia, please email me – mizrobyn (at) gmail.com . If you are interested in adopting her, you can contact Susan at Challenger’s House by phone – 256-420-5995 – or by email: challengershouse (at) mchsi.com

Please spread the word! I would really like to see this awesomely sweet girl in her forever home soon!


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5-31-14 – Livia needs a home! (Please share!) — 3 Comments

  1. Such a sweet, beautiful, and deserving girl. I hope she won’t have much longer to wait.