5-31-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis.

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2009-05-31 (9)
“I surrender!”

2009-05-31 (8)
“::urrrrp!:: Oh! ‘Scuse me!”

2009-05-31 (7)
Pictures cannot capture just how pretty this little girl is.

2009-05-31 (6)
While this isn’t the best picture, it does illustrate just how miss Phyllis spends most of her time while I’m hanging out in the kitten room. She’s got a lot to say and BOY does she say it.

2009-05-31 (5)
A rare moment of silence.

2009-05-31 (4)
Dwight tries to figure out just what I’m doing.

2009-05-31 (3)
Phyllis gets so enraged when Dwight jumps on her. He barely touches her and she’s all “Wah! Wah! WAHHHHH!”

2009-05-31 (2)

2009-05-31 (1)
“Hey! You! I’m askin’ you a question! WHERE is your TAIL???”


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5-31-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis. — 2 Comments

  1. I quite new a reader of yours, but I managed to read the whole lot of the site during the previous week. Impressed I am, exploded head I have -from teh cyoot- and a great admirer, not only for the marvellous pictures and text, but for the love you give to these itty bitties.

    Doing so, I came down to realize that -to me- Phyllis is the prettiest lady you ever had in the foster room (Well, next to Beulah, that is πŸ™‚ ) I can’t say why is this, maybe it’s her little tail or her obviously being so verbal or perhaps that orange capital M she has on her forhead. I only wish I lived in the States so I could come over and just pick her up. Alas, Greece is half a world distance from my heart’s desire.

    Crossing my fingers so she and all the rest of them kittens find a loving home and lead a happy life.

  2. Efthimia: I have to say that as pretty as Phyllis is in her pictures, she’s even prettier in person (and SO sweet!). She’s definitely a gorgeous little thing, and I hope someone snaps her up as soon as she gets to the pet store! πŸ™‚