6-1-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis.

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2009-06-01 (1)
“This fuzzy-ball-on-a-spring toy is mine. Do you hear me, MINE!” (She looks so earnest!)

2009-06-01 (2)
The thing about Dwight that I love the most (aside from the fact that he’s always bouncing around playing like a wild thing) is that his ears tip forward just slightly at the end. ADORABLE.

2009-06-01 (3)
Look at the little smile on her face!

2009-06-01 (4)
Dancing monkey.

2009-06-01 (5)
“Hey! Get away! It’s MY turn to pick on him!”

2009-06-01 (6)
Dance, monkey, dance!


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6-1-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis. — 3 Comments

  1. Oh no! these babies are just too cute! We have four adult cats, but seeing these makes me want another kitten! Yikes!

  2. Oh, they are so adorable! And your captions are perfect. I love how cute they all are – always nice to have something cute to look at when it is a dreary day outside! I wish I could just take them all home with me!