So, we closed on the house yesterday, with no problems at all. The new owners of the house were thrilled to be buying it, and they actually THANKED US for keeping the house in such good condition, how sweet is that?

When they asked if we’d had a chance to see the new colors, I circumvented the not-really-my-style thing by exclaiming “He did a really good paint job!”, which is true – the painter did the best paint job I’ve ever seen. Maybe after 20 years of painting, I’ll be that good a painter, ya think? (Um, no. I won’t be painting every day for 20 years, thank god!)

I walked through the house one last time when I went to pick up the vacuum cleaner the other day, and just felt… nothing. I might miss the location of the house a little (very convenient to lots of stores, it is), but the house itself, I won’t miss at all. I feel a little bad about that, because it’s a good house and it deserves to be loved. I think the new owners, who are moving here from a small apartment in Virginia, will love it.

Without an unsold house hanging over our heads, I hope we can relax a little and just enjoy this house, which I absolutely adore.

Speaking of this house, have I mentioned that we’ve started getting produce from our garden? We’ve had several bowls of spinach, and this past weekend Fred picked a huge amount of sugar snap peas. I like to eat sugar snap peas raw, either by themselves as a snack, or on a salad. The plants aren’t putting out a huge amount at this point, and given that I’m the only one who likes them, the jury’s out on whether we’ll be growing them next year.

The tomato plants have really taken off, as have the summer squash plants (we’re eating oven-fried squash tonight with steak and sliced tomatoes (which didn’t come from our garden – we don’t have any ripe tomatoes just yet) and the pole beans are climbing like mad.

Darn gardeners, always laying down on the job.

The tomatoes, which are not growing fast enough to suit me (I’m sure it’ll be another story when we’re harvesting 63 tomatoes a day in a few weeks).

I’m afraid the weeds are currently winning the battle. I spent two hours weeding this morning, and only got one row (the black-eyed peas) completed. Two hours of weeding is about the maximum I’m willing to do at this point, I think. At least it’s helping me get caught up on my podcasts.

Fred thinks that once we get all the serious weeding done, it’ll only be a matter of maintenance, and we can just out every few days and pluck the offending weeds up and toss them out of the garden. When he said that, I’m not completely sure, but I think I heard the weeds in the garden giggling and bobbing their weedy little heads around.

* * *

It appears that Sugarbutt got started on that nap without me.


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