So, the beagle. Tuesday afternoon the woman who lives two doors down decided that she was going to grab up the dog, take her inside, give her a bath, and just keep her inside so she wouldn’t have to worry about her running around in traffic. She went outside to get the dog, and found that the dog was on the other side of our road, which is very busy during rush hour. The dog saw her and went to run across the street. Neighbor lady yelled at the dog to stay where she was and yelled at the traffic approaching, but neither the dog nor the traffic listened. The first car swerved and missed the dog, but the next car clipped the dog on the leg. The dog freaked out, ran into our back forty and disappeared into the woods.

Which would explain why I didn’t see the dog yesterday during the day, I guess.

Fred, after hearing what had happened, went into the back forty and called and called for the dog, but she was nowhere to be found.

Last evening, the spud was in the driveway cleaning out her car (!) and came in to tell me that the dog was out there. When I went out, she wiggled and wagged her tail, but when any of us went near her, she skittered away. Fred finally got hold of her, and took her over to the neighbor’s house. The woman was so thrilled to see her (the dog wasn’t even limping, by the way) I thought she was going to cry. She took the dog from her – the kids have named her Sugar, apparently – and took her inside, where she’s been ever since.

So the dog has a safe and happy home, and since it ain’t with ME, I am thrilled beyond belief.

* * *

In honor of his late idol, Charles Nelson Reilly, Sugarbutt lets loose with a wacky laugh.


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