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In case you missed it over the weekend, I posted on Saturday about Livia (who still needs a home!). A ton of people shared it on Facebook (for those of you who shared it, THANK YOU so much!), so hopefully the right person will come along and realize they need a Livia in their life.


Liza has a question that hopefully someone(s) out there can answer:

Do you or anyone you know have experience with mast cell tumors in cats? I just found out that Iggypuss has them, and has to have surgery. It’s expensive, but doesn’t look like here are any other options. Just looking for info from someone who has been through it.

Anyone out there have knowledge or experience about this? Please leave a comment or, if comments aren’t your thing, email me and I’ll pass your email along to Liza.

Also! The surgery as mentioned is expensive – if you could chip in and help to pay for the surgery, I know that it would be very much appreciated. You know I always say it, but I insist on repeating it: every little bit helps!

Here’s the widget:

And if the widget doesn’t show up for you, here’s a direct link to donate.

Lastly, you can follow Iggypuss Rex on Facebook, here!


On Friday I covered for the morning cat room cleaner at Petsmart. This time, I remembered to take along the camera and got pictures of some familiar (and not-familiar) faces.

There’s Angelo. He wasn’t inclined to come out of his cage at all, but I finally pulled him out and gave him some love, which he liked.

This is Christie (she wasn’t one of my fosters.) Doesn’t she have gorgeous eyes? She and Orlando had a good time playing together.

Orlando and Christie, keeping an eye on the feather teaser.

Livia, checking out the other cages.

Love that Livia!

Orlando, hanging out in his cage (he and Angelo share a big cage.)

Orlando, flopped down for a rest. Christie, checking out a cat in another cage. And by the door: Thomas!

Orlando. “Hey, lady, bring that feather teaser closer!”

This is Shania, who is a scaredy cat, but a total sweetheart.

Thomas, just hanging out.

This is Shania’s brother, Tippin. He’s a talker! He didn’t want to come out of the cage, but once Orlando stormed into their cage, played with all their toys, and sat in their little hidey cave, Tippin decided to go exploring.

Such a pretty boy.

This is Tomato. (She had siblings named Bacon and Lettuce, of course) She was initially adopted out as a kitten in 2008, but returned earlier this year. She’s a sweet girl, and gets along well with the other cats, though she was mostly interested in watching the other cats play from the safety of her cage. It always amazes me when torties aren’t adopted immediately.

Recognize this one? This is Tricki. She was a little nervous at first, but either she remembered me or was reassured by my petting. I coaxed her out of her cage for a while, and she slunk around and batted at a few toys.

Gorgeous girl.

Ugh, adoptions are just so SLOW right now. It’s driving me nuts!


Gilbert, getting ready to jump from the little cat tree to the big one.

So proud of himself.

When he’s just woken up or is getting sleepy, Grant is one talkative monkey.

Gilbert shows off his pretty eyes. For the record, when Gilbert gets sleepy, he’s a bitey little brat.

Grant’s pretty eyes.

And Marshall’s pretty eyes. When Marshall‘s sleepy, he goes to sleep. I think he might be the brains of the operation.

“Come here, lady. I needs to bite you.”

Gilbert on the left, Grant on the right. Grant looks huge next to Gilbert, but it’s the angle. Gilbert’s actually a couple of ounces heavier than Grant now.

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Whatcha doing with that hand, there, grabby lady?”

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to send that bed along with Marshall when he leaves here – he loves it SO much!

“He must be getting SLEEPY, huh, lady?”

Gilbert, in time-out for getting too bitey with wee Marshall.

“Come here and kiss me, lady. I want to bite your lip.”


“Read my lips: No. More. KITTENS!”

“You hear me?”

I wish Sheriff Mama (Kara) didn’t have to wear that collar* all day long. It messes up some really good pictures of her!

*The collar works with the underground electric fence we have around the back yard (we have a physical fence, too.) If she gets too close to the fence, the collar beeps a warning. If she keeps going, the collar will shock her. At this point, all she needs to hear is the warning beep, and she runs away from the fence. She does, however, test her boundaries constantly, and if the battery in her collar is dead, she knows it within a few hours. We’ve managed to reinforce the physical fence enough that none of the other cats can get over it – so they don’t need to wear collars – but she’s tiny and wily and EVIL, so wear the collar she must.


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  1. I don’t have MCT experience with cats, but I do with my dogs. I know it sounds scary, as they are malignant tumors, but as long as the vet gets clear borders during the removal, it is generally okay. My dogs have each had one removed and have had no ill effects and required no further treatment. They are generally very slow growing tumors. Has your vet recommended a Benadryl treatment before and after the surgery? MCTs contain histamines and Benadryl can help keep them “calm”. If not, you may want to ask about that. Hope this helps, Liza!

    • Thanks! That is helpful. The vet said if they removed all the tumors that they might not come back- so it’s good to know that can happen! I’ve been thinking about the Benadryl, as the one on his face is really puffy after getting poked the other day 🙁

  2. Psst, Robyn: all of your archive-links are going to June 1.

    (I wouldn’t have noticed except that I looked at ’em all yesterday.)

    • Haha, I too noticed the links. That’s how I get my weekend L-n-H fix, by changing the date.

    • It’s fixed. 🙂

      The funny thing is that I did notice it last night, but then I thought “Oh, no one will notice.” Haha!

  3. purrs to Iggy…we don’t know anything about those tumors though

    adoptions are slow here too…darned summer vacations we think 🙂

    those boys certainly appear to be a handful

  4. Adoptions are slow at our PetSmart too. I like how you put those shelf things double like that – maybe your cages are bigger than ours, we don’t have room to do that…
    I think Tippin was having a loony moment there.

  5. Bacon,Lettuce and Tomato–love it! I’ll have to pass that on to the “cat lady” at our no kill shelter.

  6. Liza, my 13 year old Bailey had a big fatty tumor on her side. If I’m not mistaken, when it is benign it is considered a fatty tumor. We had it removed and it was around $1000. It came back. In hindsight, I would not have had the surgery done on her. It was a very long recovery as the incision area couldn’t be stitched and she had a massive hole in her side that I had to stick medicine into for days and days. It took a long time to heal up. I can’t explain it, but she was never the same. Her bright yellow eyes were a dull yellow. We finally had to put her down at 16 as she was miserable with the tumor being back (which was huge). We could just tell that her quality of life wasn’t there. But then she hadn’t enjoyed her life as much since the surgery. I don’t know if Iggypuss has the same type or not. But that is just our honest experience. Good luck!

  7. Liza, just thought of this. I wasn’t told prior to the sugary that the recovery would be so bad and that the tumor could easily come back. Be sure and ask your vet all those questions that I didn’t know to ask.

    • I will! Luckily I have an amazing vet 🙂 So sorry to hear about your loss, I keep thinking about what a hole Iggypuss would leave in my life… Thank you for sharing your story. It’s important for me to know the good, bad, and sad…

  8. Wishing Livia and all the other Love & Hisses graduates and every other kitty in petsmart all the best in finding the perfect home!! Take care

  9. Re that photo of Gilbert on the left, Grant on the right: Those two little rascals look like they meant serious business. Caution: mini hit men on the loose! Best of luck to Iggy and Liza, and all the good wishes I have go to the many souls needing homes.