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Sights from around Crooked Acres!

2011-06-02 (15)
Would you look at those lazy girlies, all piled up in their shelter, sound asleep in the middle of the day? I guess I can’t really point fingers on the topic; midday naps are pretty great.

2011-06-02 (16)
Since they know that humans usually mean food, they came out of their shelter pretty quick, and skedaddled over to the trough.

2011-06-02 (17)
“Where’s our food, lady?”

2011-06-02 (18)
“You has food?”

2011-06-02 (19)
“This is the trough, and you is s’posed to put food in it. How many times I gotta ‘splain it to you?”

2011-06-02 (20)
“What you mean it’s not eatin’ time yet? Izzat a trick statement? It’s ALWAYS eatin’ time!”

We made ’em happy later, though. They each get a cookie every evening, hand-fed by Fred. They’re still kind of getting the hang of it, and half the time the bravest pig grabs her cookie and runs off, and the littlest pig chases after her.

YouTube link

(That loud noise you can hear every now and again in the background is our neighbors setting off fireworks. It was Memorial Day – or possibly the day before. Our neighbors will seize upon any excuse to set off fireworks. I’m just grateful that they stop at a decent hour.)

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2011-06-02 (5)

2011-06-02 (6)

2011-06-02 (7)
George’s “wink” is cracking me up.

2011-06-02 (8)
Happy pups.

Here’s a short video with some chickens, and then George and Gracie DYING for their snack. They get very excited at snack time, can you tell?

YouTube link

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2011-06-02 (22)
Robin sitting on her nest in the front yard.

2011-06-02 (21)
Pretty, pretty eggs.

2011-06-02 (14)
Rose of Sharon abloom in the back yard (we didn’t plant it there, in fact at one point shortly after we moved in, I cut down all the shrubbery in the back yard, but this popped back up at some point. There’s honeysuckle back there, too.)

2011-06-02 (1)
Volunteer tomato plant at the back forty fence line. We’re going to leave it and see how it does.

2011-06-02 (4)
The compost heap is nothing but volunteer tomatoes. They’re super happy, covered in flowers, and thriving. We talked about transplanting them, but decided in the end that we’d just leave them for the summer and see how they do (I suspect they’re going to do very well, given how happy they are already!)

2011-06-02 (3)
Some kind of pepper. Cayenne, maybe?

2011-06-02 (2)
This may also be a cayenne, I’m not sure. Some kind of pepper, in any case!

2011-06-02 (13)
The beans are doing well. I’m hoping we’ll be able to eat some fresh beans, soon! Frozen beans are good, but they’re not a tenth as good as the freshly picked ones.

2011-06-02 (12)
One of the volunteer tomatoes I transplanted from the compost heap (before I started just leaving the volunteers where they were) already has fruit. I can’t wait ’til we get our first ripe tomato!

2011-06-02 (10)

2011-06-02 (11)
Squash is coming…

2011-06-02 (9)
Grow little squash plant! Groooooow!

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2011-06-02 (28)
“Outta my way! I got places to go, sisters to bite!”

2011-06-02 (25)
“Wait. This did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to!”

2011-06-02 (30)
I love it so much when they climb up the cat tree. It makes me want to squeeze and kiss them ’til they cry.

2011-06-02 (27)

2011-06-02 (26)
It took two days for them to get the hang of snack time. Now they know EXACTLY when snack time is, and they gather at my feet and howl ’til I feed them.

2011-06-02 (29)
I love how Cori’s reared back in preparation for chasing Cilantro.

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2011-06-02 (34)
McMaos in motion.

2011-06-02 (33)
Please note that the toy is hanging behind him, but Finnegan is chasing the shadow on the closet door.

2011-06-02 (32)

2011-06-02 (35)

2011-06-02 (36)

2011-06-02 (37)
That toy, hanging from a brace at the top of the closet door, is the BEST TOY EVER, as far as they’re concerned.

2011-06-02 (38)
Ciara in the sun.

2011-06-02 (39)

2011-06-02 (41)
Dance, monkey. Dance!

2011-06-02 (40)

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2011-06-02 (24)

2011-06-02 (23)
I love that Dorothy gets along so well with the other cats. EVEN Miz Poo!

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2011-06-02 (31)
It’s a Newt! In a box! A Newt in a box! What more could you ask for? Newt loves that box – in fact, he spends almost every afternoon sprawled out in it, sound asleep.

And, your last movie for the day. This is Coltrane, hanging out near the pig yard (outside the fence). He always likes to join us when we go out there to see the dogs and give the pigs their evening cookie. He has a very nasal “voice”, I think.

YouTube link


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6-2-11 — 15 Comments

  1. I love all the pictures!! I WANT A VEGGIE GARDEN!!!!! WHAAAAAAA!!!!
    Which McMao is in the sunlight in the first McMao picture? Amazing stripes! Soooo pretty!!!
    Did the “not so bright” piggy ever get her cookie? It looked like another piggy got it!
    “Dance Monkey Dance” LOL I say that and when I have a feather toy and get them to rear up, I say, “Up Sheba!” – Like a lion trainer! Ha!

    • You want is a veggie garden? I want to be a permanent resident. At least you have a chance!

        • I take back that question. This site is about cute sweet animals. I don’t think this is the proper forum. We all want something and here it should be wonderful homes for these fabulous foster kitties. AND to thank Robyn and Fred for all their hard work and devotion!

  2. Love all the pics, especially the beautiful shot of the robin’s eggs! And boy, those pigs are sure growing fast, as are your veggies! Two qs: What do you mean by “volunteer tomatoes”? And besides tomaters, green beans, squash, and peppers, what else are you growing in your garden? Thanks, as always, for starting off my day on a sunny, kitten-filled note!

  3. My Himalayan cat shinnies up the cat tree the same way, with the ears a little back and everything. It’s pretty cute even with a big cat.

  4. This post has feathers and fur and snorts and dog smiles and nasally meows! YAY THURSDAY POST YAY!

    Do the piggies have names? Can I name one of them if I donate to Challenger’s House? Can I pick up Clove and stick my face in her belly fluff?

  5. I want to rub Dorfy’s tummy in that first pic of her. What a sweet little girl. She seems wise for her age (I know I sound like a lunatic), but to get along with the big kittehs and adjust so well, especially after being a wild girl for her first 7 or 8 weeks is pretty cool! Maybe she’s grateful to be safe now. There I go anthropomorphizing a kitteh.

    And I’m with GD on the STRIPES! Stripey babies are super cute, as are all the kitteh babies, even the adult ones.

    OK, and the pigs and the dogs and the chickens, and the veggies. It’s all cute.

  6. Awwwww love your gorgeous piggies!! And George and Gracie are just sooooooo beautiful! It’s great that they don’t seem so fazed by the fireworks. I will never understand fireworks in day time. Or fireworks other than the spectacular official ones. Anyway!! Yay for your gorgeous bird and nest of perfect eggs – lovely!

    Dorothy is one special kitty!! Awwww! I’m so going to miss her!!!

    Hello to all the baby kitties, Mizz Poo and Coltrane!

    Altogether now “grow little squash plant, groooooow!”

    I hope you get tons of tomatoes too!!

    Take care

  7. What a beautiful photo of Ciara! And the biting sisters are beyond adorable. And yay, Dorfy! She really is the sweetest girl. Loving the nature shots too!

  8. how do you tell George and Gracie apart? I’ve been trying to figure it out, but to me they both look like big, furry, fluffy white dogs!
    And oh are those Spice Girls adorable!