Kara & babies – 6-2-08

River has decided that he’d rather kinda like to be out of that thar kitten room. He’s not terribly aggressive about it, but after I’m done visiting in the kitten room, he tries to scoot out the door and since I can’t reach all the way to the floor at the moment, he’s gotten out of the room several times in the past few days. If I just stand there and wait, he realizes pretty quickly that he’s in a new, scary situation, and he huddles against the door and runs back inside if I open the door.

Yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to take him around “visiting” a couple of our cats. I carried him downstairs and let Miz Poo and Newt sniff him, but he was so overwhelmed and scared that I took him right back upstairs. He rewarded me by leaving a gouge across the top of my chest.

I deserved it.

A bowl of Zoe.


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